ideal parenting

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ideal parenting by Mind Map: ideal parenting

1. personality :•She shares your beliefs. When it comes to finding your wife, I've heard “equally yoked.” ... •She makes you a better man. ... •She's trustworthy. ... •She has ambition. ... •She's selfless. ... •She's attractive. ... •She's smart. ... •She loves you unconditionally

2. appearance : well dressed, smells good has fitted clothing, appropriate clothing

3. skills, athletic, being able to clean and cook, domestic abilities

4. talents, musical, can swim, sing, work ethical and dramatic

5. education, finished high school got a degree at a uni/coll. wants to further there studies to get the highest paying job

6. lifestyle, go on morning runs to stay fit eat healthy watch our diet, swimming going out for fun activates.

7. parenting style. be friends with my kids to a limit, punish them by groundings and taking away devices

8. discipline, groundings and device taking away

9. religion practices, going to church every church day in whatever we believe in