Genetic engineering

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Genetic engineering by Mind Map: Genetic engineering

1. What is it?

1.1. Techniques that enables the manipulation of DNA of an organism.

2. Proceses

2.1. Locate the gene of interest and amplify it.

2.2. Select a vector to transfer it

2.3. Multiply the select vector.

2.4. Conduct the transgenesis in the organism.

2.5. Develop the transgenic.

3. Patents

3.1. Patentability requirements

3.1.1. Novelty

3.1.2. Inventive activity

3.1.3. Industrial application

3.2. Ways

3.2.1. Ordinary way

3.2.2. Supervised way

4. Gmo aplications

4.1. Golden rice

4.2. Spider silk

4.3. Amflora potato

4.4. Ornamental uses

4.5. Etc...

5. Safety

5.1. Health safety

5.1.1. Biochemical techniques such as mass spectrometry.

5.2. Environmental safety

5.2.1. Security measures to prevent that the GMO don't pollute the original organisms.

6. Repercussions

6.1. Economic repercussions

6.1.1. The money spend by the government is use to study about techniques of GMO but they can't be sold.