The most successful tech entrepreneur you've never heard of Dame Stephanie Shirely (Author: Let ...

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The most successful tech entrepreneur you've never heard of Dame Stephanie Shirely (Author: Let IT Go) Martha Lane Fox ( by Mind Map: The most successful tech entrepreneur you've never heard of  Dame Stephanie Shirely (Author: Let IT Go) Martha Lane Fox (

1. About this mind map

1.1. Created by Liam Hughes

1.1.1. Founder:

1.1.2. Conference attendee

1.1.3. @BiggerplateLiam

1.2. Shared on

1.2.1. Software neutral Don't make/sell software Impartial guidance/advice

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1.3.3. Vienna & San Francisco

1.3.4. Nice people!

2. Why did you start?

2.1. Make my fortune (obviously)

2.2. Crusade for women

2.2.1. Sick of being patronised

2.2.2. Show what women could do

2.3. Measured

2.3.1. Revenue and employment

2.3.2. A women's company For women Managed by women

3. What did you do?

3.1. Started in 1960s

3.1.1. "Do you have access to telephone"

3.2. All gets glorified...

3.2.1. Was a struggle

3.2.2. Lots of compromise

3.2.3. Lots of women, working from home

3.3. "Interesting things"

3.3.1. Black box recorders for Concorde

3.3.2. Avoid being bored

3.4. Operational things

4. Challenges

4.1. Female entrepreneur

4.1.1. Patronising by others

4.1.2. Not taken seriously

4.2. Balancing

4.2.1. Exciting parts

4.2.2. The operational bits

4.3. Same for all of us

4.3.1. Small or big

4.3.2. All ages

4.3.3. Excitement

5. Interests today

5.1. Implications of technology

5.1.1. Social

5.1.2. Ethical

5.1.3. Impact

5.2. Started a school

5.2.1. Children with learning difficulties

5.2.2. Same challenges 600 people

5.2.3. Same processes Planning Finance

5.2.4. But not for profit

6. State of the world today

6.1. Glass half full person

6.2. But concerned

6.2.1. Things have changed

6.2.2. Big challenges Unfunctioning democracy Global warming Inequality rising

6.3. Power of technology

6.3.1. Limitless opportunity

6.3.2. Has it worked out how we wanted?

6.3.3. Why hasn't this solved things?

6.4. Inequality

6.4.1. Ashamed of rich/poor disparity in UK

6.5. Mottos to live by...

6.5.1. "If there's no need, it's just greed"

6.5.2. "If in doubt, be kind"

7. Learning from mistakes

7.1. Made so many

7.1.1. But you forget lots

7.1.2. And remember successes

7.2. Big mistakes

7.2.1. Slow to bring in financial skills

7.2.2. Big expansion Trying to replicate UK operation abroad Did not take off everywhere Assumed model would replicate

7.3. Resilience

7.3.1. Pick yourself up

7.3.2. Dust yourself down

7.3.3. Get on with it

8. Final tips for audience

8.1. Find something you care about

8.2. Learn everything you can

8.3. Surround yourself with good people

8.3.1. Not just people like you

8.4. Master finance

8.5. Master marketing

9. What did you get right?

9.1. Thought I was good at software

9.1.1. But actually just early

9.2. Learned how to sell (not just show off)

9.3. Had to do the boring stuff