Building software that people love Calvin Henderson (Slack) Ilya Fushman (Index Ventures)

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Building software that people love Calvin Henderson (Slack) Ilya Fushman (Index Ventures) by Mind Map: Building software that people love  Calvin Henderson (Slack) Ilya Fushman (Index Ventures)

1. About this mind map

1.1. Created by Liam Hughes

1.1.1. Founder:

1.1.2. Conference attendee

1.1.3. @BiggerplateLiam

1.2. Shared on

1.2.1. Software neutral Don't make/sell software Impartial guidance/advice

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1.2.3. Mind Map Community (free)

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1.3. Created using MindMeister

1.3.1. Collaborative online mapping

1.3.2. Free version available

1.3.3. Vienna & San Francisco

1.3.4. Nice people!

2. Slack update

2.1. History

2.1.1. 3.5 year journey

2.1.2. Crazy growth period!

2.1.3. Failed video game developers

2.2. Today

2.2.1. 800-900 people

2.3. What makes it special?

2.3.1. Consumerisation of IT Customer experience first Built for people Built with consumer sensitivity

2.3.2. Range of companies SMEs Big companies Just more small teams Some team adopts

3. European expansion

3.1. User base

3.1.1. 50% users in N.America

3.1.2. UK second

3.2. Languages

3.2.1. English only product

3.2.2. But languages needed

4. Why do people choose slack?

4.1. Quality in consumer space

4.1.1. Wider trend Improving tools More for cosumers

4.1.2. Improving constantly

4.1.3. Develops into corporate culture

4.2. Exploding category of 'work tools'

4.2.1. Wider choice Vast choice of options Wider range of categories

4.2.2. But... Compatability issues Tools disconnected

4.2.3. Connecting them together is key

5. App/partner ecosystem

5.1. Big partners

5.1.1. Not replacing

5.1.2. Just connecting better

5.2. Smaller/niche tools

5.2.1. Role specific

5.2.2. Expanding ecosystem

5.2.3. Open platform is key Provide distribution fund

6. Tech trends

6.1. Exciting areas

6.1.1. Artificial intelligence

6.1.2. Machine learning

6.2. But applications still unclear

6.3. Will mature quickly

6.4. Machine learning

6.4.1. Interacting with others

6.4.2. Record keeping and retrieval

6.4.3. Unlock hidden information

7. The journey

7.1. Twice failed video game developers

7.1.1. Passionate

7.1.2. But not that good...!

7.2. First time

7.2.1. Game never ending

7.2.2. Flickr as a spin off Convergence of time Photo sharing Camera phones Internet

7.3. Second time

7.3.1. F***ed it up again

7.3.2. Didn't build a companny

7.3.3. But Slack spin off Built for ourselves

7.4. Evolving with customers

7.4.1. As we grow, we understand more

7.4.2. Enterprise software A whole new world How large companies work Enterprise Grid: 10,000+ companies

7.4.3. Most are 'information workers'