Innovation for Everyone Matt Brittin (Google)

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Innovation for Everyone Matt Brittin (Google) by Mind Map: Innovation for Everyone  Matt Brittin (Google)

1. About this mind map

1.1. Created by Liam Hughes

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1.1.3. @BiggerplateLiam

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1.2.1. Software neutral Don't make/sell software Impartial guidance/advice

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1.3.3. Vienna & San Francisco

1.3.4. Nice people!

2. Bigger picture

2.1. London Olympics 2012

2.1.1. Tim Berners-Lee This is for everyone

2.1.2. 5 years ago A billion fewer connected people!

2.2. Turbulent times

2.2.1. E.G. Brexit EU Future Trump presidency Putin activities Rise of populism

2.2.2. Temptation to hide...

2.3. Must see through this

2.3.1. Spot the big trends

2.3.2. Good time to be alive

2.3.3. Great time to be an entrepreneur

3. 3 Key Trends

3.1. Connectivity/Access

3.1.1. Multiple devices for many

3.1.2. Future is here But unevenly distributed Mobile population to double

3.1.3. Transformational Devices not a barrier Access to information Access to people Access to tools

3.2. Artificial intelligence

3.2.1. Wider tool access

3.2.2. This is everywhere

3.2.3. DeepMind Alphagogo Challenge Match Opened minds/possibilities Applying to energy Data canters Saved 40% Applying to medicine

3.3. Learning new things

3.3.1. How to fix things

3.3.2. Develop new skills

3.3.3. Changing how we learn

3.3.4. Changing who we learn from Not always brands Learning from other people Often from passionate people

4. Entrepreneurs in Europe

4.1. 4.7 million developers in Europe

4.1.1. (4.1 in USA)

4.1.2. More spread out

4.1.3. More diverse

4.2. Risk of being left behind

4.2.1. Lack of digital skill

4.2.2. Providing basic skills Coding, search, social media Huge demand Huge engagement

4.3. Google Campus

4.3.1. 6 Globally

4.3.2. Bring startups together Learn Share ideas

4.3.3. Act as a catalyst

4.3.4. Funded half billion $

5. Optimistic

5.1. Despite turbulence

5.2. You can reach more people

5.3. You can access more/better tools

5.4. You can learn in whole new ways