How to Scale a Startup Nigel Eccles (FanDuel) Alex Rodriguez Bacardit (Startup Grind)

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How to Scale a Startup Nigel Eccles (FanDuel) Alex Rodriguez Bacardit (Startup Grind) by Mind Map: How to Scale a Startup  Nigel Eccles (FanDuel) Alex Rodriguez Bacardit (Startup Grind)

1. US State variations

1.1. State laws more important than federal

1.2. Had to engage legislators

1.2.1. Uncomfortable to start with

1.2.2. Changed the law in 12 states

1.2.3. Engage in the process

1.3. Get familiar with the system!

2. US vs Europe

2.1. Europe

2.1.1. More of a patchwork

2.1.2. More regional variations

2.1.3. Multiple languages

2.2. N. America

2.2.1. More homogenous

2.2.2. No language barrier

2.3. Which to choose?

2.3.1. Pros and cons for both

2.3.2. Depends on product

3. Culture

3.1. More than 'our values'

3.1.1. Culture is 'what you accept'

3.1.2. If you accept it... it's culture

3.2. Hard to get right

3.2.1. If you get right Enabler Accelerator

3.2.2. If you get wrong Silent tax

3.3. What is culture

3.3.1. Who you hire

3.3.2. Who you promote

3.3.3. What you accept

3.4. Openness

3.4.1. Share the journey

3.4.2. Give the visibility

3.4.3. Can build confidence

3.5. Impact of M&A

3.5.1. Acquiring new companies

3.5.2. Bringing in new teams

3.5.3. Why some work? Like-minded Entrepreneurial

3.5.4. Why some don't? Product issues Cultural mis-fit

4. Helping others?

4.1. People are open to it

4.2. Entrepreneurs should help other entrepreneurs

5. Marketing essential

5.1. People liked product

5.1.1. But awareness was lacking

5.1.2. Good marketing is essential

5.2. Used funding to prove marketing

5.2.1. Acquisition cost

5.2.2. ROI per acqisition

5.2.3. Proved what we could do

6. About this mind map

6.1. Created by Liam Hughes

6.1.1. Founder:

6.1.2. Conference attendee

6.1.3. @BiggerplateLiam

6.2. Shared on

6.2.1. Software neutral Don't make/sell software Impartial guidance/advice

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6.3.3. Vienna & San Francisco

6.3.4. Nice people!

7. FanDuel

7.1. Fantasy sports game

7.1.1. Launched in USA in 2009

7.1.2. Several million paying user

7.2. Company

7.2.1. 300 people+

7.2.2. Wanted to build in Scotland

7.2.3. But building a US product

7.2.4. Probably made it harder

8. Building partnerships with US sports teams

8.1. Goal: Legitimise the product

8.2. Long-time without success

8.2.1. Started with zero relationships

8.2.2. Orlando Magic was first Got the ball (eventually) rolling

8.3. What value proposition?

8.3.1. Driving engagement in sports