Assessment Vocabulary

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Assessment Vocabulary by Mind Map: Assessment Vocabulary

1. Assessment: the full range of procedures used to gain information about student learning.

2. Test: is a particular assessment that consist of a set of question administered at a fix point in time

2.1. Fixed Choice: Includes a set of choices for the student to choose from like a multiple choice test

2.2. Complex Performance: subjective, and requires production like an essay

3. Measurement: is assigning numbers to test results in a qualitative way

3.1. Maximum Performance: measures a person's developed abilities and achievements

3.2. Typical Performance: reflects a person's typical behavior (will do vs. can do)

3.3. Norm Referenced: measures the individual's relative standing in a group

3.4. Criterion Referenced: measures a clearly defined and delimited domain of standards

4. Purposes of Test:

4.1. Placement

4.2. Formative

4.3. Diagnostic

4.4. Summative

5. Validity: Does a test measure what it is supposed to measure?

5.1. Content

5.2. Construct

5.3. Predicition

5.4. Consequences

6. Reliability: Does this test consistently measure what it is supposed to measure?

6.1. Correlation Coefficient

6.2. Validity Coefficient

6.3. Reliability Coefficient