Product Owner attributes

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Product Owner attributes by Mind Map: Product Owner attributes

1. Stakeholders

1.1. is the voice of the Customer

1.1.1. has a network of expert users to call upon/consult with

1.1.2. actively uses the product/service/asset

1.1.3. an expert of domain

1.1.4. deeply understands what customer value means

1.2. communicates well with all stakeholders

1.2.1. good at connecting different worlds inside the organisation

1.2.2. transparent about progress and setbacks with stakeholders

1.3. shields team from distractions/interruptions

1.4. allows team to self-organise around the 'How'

1.5. strong advocate for the team's work to leadership

1.6. available to team

2. Delivery

2.1. ensures backlog is managed effectively

2.2. accountable for delivering to commitments

2.2.1. holds team accountable

2.2.2. responsible together with team

2.3. accountable for realisation of benefits

2.4. responsible for demand & capacity forecasting

3. Legend

3.1. Must Have

3.2. Should Have

3.3. Nice To Have

4. Vision

4.1. has long view

4.1.1. eats, sleeps and breaths the vision and roadmap vision goes beyond the product boundary

4.1.2. cares deeply about solving customers pains and giving them gains make them good at their job sustainability and health of mission

4.2. ensures vision is clearly and traceably translated into backlog items

4.3. ensures vision and team's mission are aligned

4.4. ensure vision is aligned to org strategy

5. Prioritisation

5.1. facilitates and makes priority calls

5.1.1. one person is responsible for making captain's call (if and when needed)

5.2. has authority to make the priority calls

5.2.1. makes sure right people are involved

5.3. ensure timely decisions are made

6. Structure

6.1. is a member of delivery team

6.2. is a single person

6.3. is collocated with team

6.4. dedicated role