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History by Mind Map: History

1. Cold war

1.1. Leaders

1.1.1. Winston Churchill Great Britain New node Traditional Very suspicious of Stalin Tried to stop Soviet union.

1.1.2. Joseph Stalin Russia Communist Disagreed with USA

1.1.3. Franklin D. Roosevelt President of USA Believed in democracy Made alliance with Stalin


2.1. New node

3. Woman's suffrage

3.1. Suffragists

3.1.1. Peaceful

3.1.2. Verbal

3.2. Suffragettes

3.2.1. Attributes Aggressive "Deeds not words" Military tactics

3.2.2. Cat and mouse act Why? Process Suffragette arrested for damage Goes on hunger strike Authorities wait until she is weak from starvation so she can't harm public Released 'on licence' Suffragette eats She commits another offence Returns to prison