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QUp World by Mind Map: QUp  World

1. Admin Local

1.1. Create/Edit Fleet Owner

1.1.1. Setting Fleet Info - Fleet logo/Fleet code CC account Address , Timezone Currency Setting modules and functions for Command Center and App Operation Zone

1.1.2. Cartype

1.1.3. Payment Select Payment Gateway Stripe Authorized Braintree Bluefin Cielo CreditCorp CX Pay Conekta First Atlantic Commercial Fluuter Wave Omise Payfort PayCorp Peachpayment Setting Pre-authorized Hold a fix amount Hold percent of estimate fare Setting Payment Method Pricing Plan

1.1.4. Pricing Plan Set up TECH FEE Fleet payment (fleet pay to QUp) Setup FEES Add card for Qup charge fee of Fleets

1.2. Update App

1.2.1. Force Update

1.2.2. Recommend Update

1.3. Setting Email & SMS Template

1.4. Create Admin User and Permission

1.5. Setup Currency Exchange Rate

1.6. Report

1.7. Cloning Tool


2.1. Command Center

2.1.1. DRIVER Create/Edit/Delete Driver Deposit Turn on Ride Sharing

2.1.2. MDISPATCHER Create/Delete mDispatcher account

2.1.3. CUSTOMER Edit Customer Add/Delete Personal card Customer Info VIP account Create/Inactive/Delete Customer

2.1.4. MAP Status with normal book Status with ride-sharing book Status with 2 book / 1 driver Status of Driver Status of Customer logged in App

2.1.5. NEW BOOKING Individual Regular Booking Hourly Booking FLat Booking Corporate Book Request book affiliate

2.1.6. CUE Active Completed Book Waiting for Process Driver On The Way Arrived and Waiting Passenger On Board Drop off Confirm Reservation Finished Completed Request New Booking From Booking Detail

2.1.7. REPORT View Report Export Report to Excel

2.1.8. SETTING Promo code Public Promo Send Promo code from CC to Pax app Private Promo Setting Fares General Fare Hourly / Daily Flat fare Regular Fare Creat User account Permission and User Permission Dispatch Dispatch mode Time Car Car Management Cartype Make and Model SMS and Voice Flight API Intergration

2.1.9. CORPORATE Setting Fare of Book Corporate Default Discount Basic Fare Other fare for Corporate Booking Create/Edit Corp Admin account Corporate Admin Inactive / Delete account

2.2. Webbooking

2.2.1. Request Book Flat Hourly Regular

2.2.2. Sign Up/Login Customer View Report Payment Method Add/Delete Personal Card My Booking User Profile Change Password

3. App

3.1. Pax Plus

3.1.1. Sign-up /Edit Customer account Switch Provider Fleet Edit Customer Profile Sign up Corporate Traveler

3.1.2. Request/Cancel Book from App Book Individual Book corporate Book ride sharing Book affiliate

3.1.3. Add Credit Card Add / Delete Personal Card Add / Delete Affiliate Card

3.1.4. Get Message SMS and Inbox from Command Center From Driver app after Request Booking

3.1.5. Rating , Send feedback about Driver

3.1.6. Promotion Add Promo code on Promotion tab Add Promo code on Booking Form on Pax app Add Promo by get Inbox from CC

3.2. Driver Plus

3.2.1. Login Driver account Login by phone number Login by phone number & password Login by username & password

3.2.2. Sign up driver

3.2.3. Receive Book

3.2.4. Receive message from CC

3.2.5. Complete book Payment Pay by stored card Pay by Corporate Card Pay by External Card Pay by Cash Pay by Enter New Card Pay by Apple Pay Pay by QR Code No show Cancel

3.2.6. Send Message , Call to Pax app

3.2.7. Driver Deposit Top-up Booking deduction

3.2.8. Rating , Feedback , Traveler Signature (Corp Traveler)

3.3. mDispatcher

3.3.1. Request Booking Request Book base on Queue List Request Book base on Assign Driver Request Book base on Auto Dispatch

3.3.2. Add/Delete mDispatcher Card

3.4. KIOSK

3.4.1. Request Booking

4. Admin Affiliate/Hydra

4.1. Fare

4.1.1. Regular Fare

4.1.2. General Fare

4.1.3. Hourly/Daily fare

4.1.4. Flat fare

4.2. Report Affiliate

4.2.1. Fleet

4.2.2. Booking

4.3. Set up Fleet join Hydra

4.3.1. Receive Affiliate Booking from OTHER FLEETS

4.3.2. Dispatch Affiliate Booking to OTHER FLEETS