PSY3 22nd July 2017

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PSY3 22nd July 2017 by Mind Map: PSY3 22nd July 2017

1. Aggression

1.1. Genetic

1.1.1. AO1 Twin & Adoption MAOA

1.1.2. AO3 Gene environment interaction Research support Nature vs nurture determinism

1.2. Neural & Hormonal

1.2.1. AO1 Testosterone Serotonin Limbic

1.2.2. AO3 Aggression is complex not just amygdalal Suppo

1.3. Ethological

1.3.1. AO1 Ritual IRM FAP Stereotyped Unaffecte Universal Ballistic Single Stimulus Single Purpose

1.3.2. AO3 Tinbergen Chimps - ritual Not fixed Not universal Animals

1.4. Evolutionary

1.4.1. AO1 Reduce cuckoldry Mate retention Vigilance Violence Rape Uxoricide

1.4.2. AO3 Support Gender Determinism

1.5. Social Learning

1.5.1. AO1 Observation and Imitation of Role Mdeols Attenton, Retention, Motivation, Reproduction

1.5.2. AO3

1.6. Deindividuation

1.6.1. AO1 LeBon - Crowds, Mob Factors - Uniform, masks, Private & Public

1.6.2. AO3 Zimbardo/Dodd Warriors Dating in the dark

1.7. Frustration/Agression

1.7.1. AO1 Psychodynamic Aggression is Catharsis Id becomes frustrated Abstract, Powerful, Absent Berkowitz - cues

1.7.2. AO3 Support Not cathartic Justification Practical App

1.8. Institutional

1.8.1. AO1 Importation Social histories 3 subcultures Deprivation Autonomy Liberty Good Heterosexual Safety

1.8.2. AO3 Support Practical App Alternatives Zimbardo

1.9. Effects of Video Games

1.9.1. AO1 Lab Experiments Violent vs Non Violent Correlation Number of Hours Longitudinal Longer term

1.9.2. AO3 Methods Publication

1.10. Explanations of Media

1.10.1. AO1 Cognitive Priming Disinhibition Desensitisation

1.10.2. AO3 Supporting Study Publication

2. Schizophrenia

2.1. Classification & Diagnosis

2.1.1. Symptoms AO1 Delusions Hallucinations Avolition Speech Poverty AO3 Inter Rater Symptom Overlap Gender Bias Culture Bias Comorbidity

2.1.2. Issues AO1 Issues AO3 Implications Support/Refute

2.2. Biological Explanation

2.2.1. Genes AO1 Gottesman & Shields (family) Ripke (108) Candidate AO3 Support from Twins (however) Support from adoption (however)

2.2.2. Neurochemistry AO1 Hyperdopaminergia Hypodopaminergia AO3 Drugs

2.2.3. Neural Correlates AO1 Ventral Striatum Superior Temporal Gyrus AO3 Brains scan Cause

2.3. Biological Treatments

2.3.1. Drugs AO1 Typical Atypical AO3 Effective Biased Side Effects Symptom Combo

2.4. Psychological Explanation

2.4.1. Cognitive Dysfunction AO1 Egocentric Bias Hypervigilance Reality Testing Metarepresentation Central Control AO3 evidence cuase effect

2.4.2. Family Dysfunction AO1 Schizophreniogenic Mother Expressed Emotion Double Bind AO3 support weak, retro, blaming

2.5. Psychological Treatments

2.5.1. Token Economy AO1 Behaviourism AO3 effective (however) limited combo

2.5.2. CBTp AO1 Cognitive AO3 effective (however) postcode combo

2.5.3. Family Therapy AO1 Family AO3 effective (however) wider benefit combo

2.6. Interactionist Approach

2.6.1. AO1 Diathesis Stress Meehl Update Treatment

2.6.2. AO3 tienari oversimplified New