Mobile Apps For Education

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Mobile Apps For Education by Mind Map: Mobile Apps For Education

1. Social Media

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. Allows teachers to share with the community lessons, activities, and projects taking place in the classroom

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Allows the ability to connect with other educators around the world and collaborate with new faces and about new ideas

1.3. Pinterest

1.3.1. Great resource for individuals to find a variety of ideas, projects, and tools to use in the classroom

1.4. Instagram

1.4.1. Allows teachers to share with the community lessons, activities, and projects taking place in the classroom

2. Google Apps

2.1. Google Slides

2.1.1. Similar to PowerPoint where slides are put together to create a presentation

2.2. Google Forms

2.2.1. Ability to customize the way data is collected and create surveys that can be used for assessments and/or a way to survey your students or staff

2.3. Google Docs

2.3.1. Similar to Microsoft Word where a document can be created and multiple options of templates are available and then stored in Google Drive

2.4. Google Drive

2.4.1. A tool that stores all files and organizes them within folders of the user's choice, a place to store and access for later

3. Communication Tools

3.1. Remind

3.1.1. Mobile device that sends out messages like "reminders" to parents, teachers, or students.

3.2. Classroom Dojo

3.2.1. A classroom management app that is used mainly for behaviors within a classroom. It allows for alerts to be sent to parents devices to show their child's behavior as it is happening.

3.3. Bloomz

3.3.1. A safe way to share photos/videos with parents. It gives updates using pictures, posts, letters, and happens throughout the school year straight to the parent's device to help them stay connected and up to date.

4. Assessment

4.1. Plickers

4.1.1. An interactive way to collect answers for a test or a simple vote or lunch count. The app is on the teacher's device, and the student's are given a scan card. The question is asked and the students flip their card to side with their chosen answer, and then the teacher scan their cards.

4.2. Kahoot

4.2.1. An interactive program with shareable quizzes already for usage, or the ability to create your own questions. Students type in quiz class code and answer the questions.

4.3. Socrative

4.3.1. A website where students can complete a quiz, exam, or even an exit slip. The data collected is exported into spreadsheets for you and it's a free app.