Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe

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Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe by Mind Map: Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe

1. the Oracle (Agbala)

2. Anasi (eldest wife of respected man in Umuofia)

3. Nwoye's mother

4. Ogbuefi Idigo

5. Nwoye (Okonkwo's eldest son)

6. Obiako (palm wine tapper)

7. Nwakibie

8. Nwayieke (old woman with three teeth)

9. Ekwefi (mother of Ezinma, wife of Okonkwo)

10. Ani (earth goddess)

11. Ojiugo (youngest wife)

12. Ezinma (daughter of Ekwefi, one of Okonkwo's three wives)

13. Chielo (priestess of Agbala, tells people of their futures and criticizes/praises people for their decisions in life)

14. Ikezue (wrestler)

15. Uchendu (Okonkwo's uncle)

16. District Commissioner (judge in the white men's court)

17. Enoch (son of the snake priest who was believed to have killed and eaten the sacred python; a follower of the Christian faith; is short, always seems in great haste)

18. Okonkwo (main character of the novel; strong, determined, does not tolerate unsuccessful men, hates cowards and womanly behavior in men)

19. Igwelo (Nwakibie's elder son)

20. Ogbuefi Ezeugo

21. Unoka (Okonkwo's lazy father, a failure in life, died in debt)

22. Okoye

23. Amalinze the Cat (the strongest wrestler in the nine villages for years, before he was defeated by Okonkwo)

24. Ikemefuna (young lad taken from another village to pay for a crime; is put under Okonkwo's care)

25. Ezeani (priest of earth goddess)

26. Obiageli (Nwoye's sister)

27. Maduka (son of Obierika)

28. Nkechi (daughter of Okonkwo's third wife)

29. Okafo (wrestler)

30. Okagbue, a man famous in the clan for his knowledge in matters like the iyi-uwa and other beliefs

31. Uchendu (Okonkwo's mother's younger brother that welcomed Okonkwo after he was exiled to Mbanta, his motherland)

32. Mr. Kiaga (interpreter)

33. Amikwu (Okonkwo's cousin)

34. Mr. Brown (the white missionary)

35. Reverend James Smith (Mr. Brown's successor, saw things as black and white, greatly dislikes ignorance)