Facebook Ads Management

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Facebook Ads Management by Mind Map: Facebook Ads Management

1. Audiences

1.1. Audience Targeting

1.1.1. Location

1.1.2. Age

1.1.3. Gender

1.1.4. Language

1.1.5. Detailed Targeting Demographics Interests Behaviors

1.1.6. Custom Audience Website Custom File Engagement on Facebook

1.1.7. Look a Like audience

1.2. Audience Insights

1.2.1. Everyone Facebook

1.2.2. Facebook Page

1.2.3. Custom Audience

2. Ad Types

2.1. Page Post Engagement

2.1.1. Objective Increase Engagement with post Test Target Audiences

2.1.2. Optimize Test Organic before Paid Test Headline, Description, and Images

2.1.3. Targeting Look a like Audience Retargeting

2.2. Page Likes

2.2.1. Objective Increase Page Like for Brand, Product, etc Social Proof and Followers

2.2.2. Optimize Contest - Like page to enter contest Special Coupon only for Facebook Page

2.2.3. Targeting Interests Look a like Audience Friends of fans

2.3. Clicks to Website

2.3.1. Objective Get most traffic site

2.3.2. Optimize Reach and Frequency

2.3.3. Targeting Broad Interest Demographics Look a like Audience Retargeting

2.4. Website Conversions

2.4.1. Objective Website Conversions

2.4.2. Optimize Optimize for Facebook Pixel Conversion

2.4.3. Targeting Combo of interests, Demographics and Look a like audience Retargeting

2.5. Lead Generation

2.5.1. Objective Get Leads directly on Facebook Work great for mobile

2.5.2. Optimize Optimize for leads Split test the Lead Forms Relevancy Metric

2.5.3. Targeting Combo of interest, demo, look a like

2.6. Event Responses

2.6.1. Objective Get more attendance at event

2.6.2. Optimize Sign Ups

2.6.3. Targeting Geo Look A like Interests

2.7. Offer Claims

2.7.1. Objective Boost Sales with Discounts and Promotions Walk-ins

2.7.2. Optimize Offer Claims

2.7.3. Targeting Geo Look a Like Interests

2.7.4. Tips Give substantial discounts and offer Reasonable expiration for offer

2.8. Video Views

3. Campaign Setup

3.1. Audience Targeting

3.1.1. Custom Audience

3.1.2. Location

3.1.3. Age

3.1.4. Gender

3.1.5. Language

3.1.6. Detailed Targeting Demographics Interests Behaviors

3.2. Placements

3.2.1. Automatic Placements

3.2.2. Edit Placements Device Types Platform Facebook Audience Network Instagram Messenger

3.3. Budget & Schedule

3.3.1. Daily Budget vs. Lifetime Budget

3.3.2. Schedule

3.3.3. Optimize for Ad Delivery

3.3.4. Bidding

3.4. Ads

3.4.1. Format Carousel Single Image Single Video Slideshow Canvas

3.4.2. Media Images Videos

3.4.3. Page & Links Destination Website URL Messenger Headline Text Call to Action News Feed Link Description Pixel Tracking

4. Facebook Pixel

4.1. Conversions

4.1.1. Purchase

4.1.2. Lead

4.1.3. Registration

4.2. Create Audiences

5. Campaign Management

5.1. Campaign

5.1.1. Adjust Budget

5.1.2. Optimize Schedule Day Time

5.1.3. Optimization for Ad Delivery Link Clicks Impressions Daily Unique Reach Bid Amount

5.2. Ads

5.2.1. Ad Copywriting Headline Text Call to Action News Feed Link Description

5.2.2. Ad Testing

5.3. Audience Targeting Optimization

5.3.1. Custom Audience

5.3.2. Location

5.3.3. Age

5.3.4. Gender

5.3.5. Language

5.3.6. Detailed Targeting Demographics Interests Behaviors