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KOffice 2 by Mind Map: KOffice 2
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KOffice 2



PDF generation


common canvas/rendering

common input methods WYSIWYG/docks

edit vector shapes inline

platform independent


same toolset in every app -> same functionality

Pigment -> colour management

mostly new code


proper page management

still frame based, but invisible to non-DTP user

paragraph & character styles

This is a concept that all professional word processors have.  Its essential to have when you edit large amount of text. The idea is that you 'tag' each paragraph to be a Head1 or a 'note' and then separately store the way this paragraph should be shown (font, background-color, indent etc).  Changing this one style later will then update all paragraphs to look like that.  You can imagine the savings if you have a 30 or 300 page document ;) KWord now supports character styles where previous versions only supported paragraph styles. The idea is that you can then mark just one word or any set of characters instead of per-paragraph.

paragraph tool


Layers: different types, grouping etc.

copy & paste rich text from any Qt app


Short for "Painting Operation" The concept is that Krita has plugins for how your mouse (or tablet) stroke gets handled.  So there is the normal drawing of a line, thats a paint-op. There is also the airbrush which is another paintop. Since paintops are plugins people can write new ones that do freaky things, see the sumi-e GSoC project without alteration to the core of Krita. The bottom line here is that krita works already pretty well for normal painting, its got all the makings to get support for natural-painting to the degree only seen on actual natural canvasses.

amazing tablet and natural media support

In the core of KOffice tablet support is ingrained.  Using high-end tablets with pressure, tilt and all the other features is something that has support in the koffice libraries. The Krita paint-ops as well as all the flake-tools will have access to this information and so they can do specific things when the user changes pressure etc. Currently the support is already pretty good in the basic tools (airbrush for example).   On top of that a whole new way of interacting with the user is designed which allows a really simple and natural way of working.  You can use the mouse in your one hand and your tablet in the other and just *using* the device will switch tool. So imagine me using the mouse to move my canvas around and painting with the pen of the tablet.  This means that every time I click and drag with the mouse it will use the panning-tool and without any other configuration I can then use the tablet pen and paint again with the painting tool I used last with that pen. This even goes as far as to allow separate settings for each of the tablet-devices I have (professionals tend to have more than one pen for their tablets)


no clue!


Uses Flake to show images, text and vector graphics.


not in 2.0

KPlato (project management)

no clue!

My Geistesblitzes


photos of fruits/veggies

make list first



Not in 2.0