Agile Software Product Management with Scrum

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Agile Software Product Management with Scrum by Mind Map: Agile Software Product Management with Scrum

1. Sprint Backlog

1.1. Sprint Goal

1.2. Tasks

1.3. Sprint

1.3.1. DoD MVP Feedback from stakeholders Sprint Burndown Sprint Report (Signature) Velocity Chart Control Chart

1.3.2. Daily Scrum

2. Product Backlog

3. Product Roadmap

3.1. Release Planning

3.1.1. Epic Report

3.1.2. Version Report

4. Team

4.1. Values

4.1.1. Respect Makes people feel comfortable with being vulnerable Creates trust

4.1.2. Positive Disagreements Consensus-driven conversations Assertiveness Openness

4.1.3. Commitment

4.1.4. Accountability & Feedback Nonviolent Communication State your purpose Share the fact + How you feel Listen State your emotional needs Create Accountability

4.1.5. Focus & Goal Oriented

4.2. Competency

4.3. Motivation

4.3.1. Autonomy Tasks Time Team Place

4.3.2. Mastery Self development Gett smarter in goal-setting Became more self-confident Lower levels of stress Leave your vices and bad habits behind Self Awareness

4.3.3. Purpose

4.4. Scrum Master

5. Communication Plan

5.1. Stakeholders & Roles

5.1.1. RACI matrix

5.2. Meetings

5.2.1. Kickoff Purpose Vision Mission Mission Tests Context Boundaries Project Community Interaction Commited Resourses Prospective Analysis Alignment Values and Principles Core Team Working Agreements

5.2.2. Facilitation techniques 1-2-4-All Retrospective Discuss the Team's Purpose Webtools Techniques Problems to Avoid Ways to Vote Dot Voting Was that a decision? Roman Voting

5.3. Reports

5.4. Problems

5.4.1. 5 Whys

5.5. Sensitive

6. Vision

6.1. Why = Goals

6.1.1. Value hypothesis to be tested Value metrics to validate your targeted impact EBM

6.1.2. How it connects to the Business Model & Company Vision?

6.2. Who = Users

6.2.1. How = Impact What = Product Story Map Software Architecture Design

6.3. SWOT

6.3.1. Risks

7. Constraints

7.1. Schedule

7.2. Budget

7.2.1. Estimate cost for a MVP Define initial milestones

7.3. Scope

7.4. Sprint Duration

7.4.1. Team Capacity (h)

8. Competition/Market research

9. Knowledge DB

10. Barriers for Agile