How to grow a facebook group

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How to grow a facebook group by Mind Map: How to grow a facebook group

1. Vin Clancy = 24k members

1.1. General principles

1.1.1. Probability, not possibility don't use snapchat for selling real estate you're not trying to prove something weird works just use facebook

1.1.2. You can get away with much much more than you think You want people to love and hate you, not 'don't care' and 'don't care' about you.

1.1.3. Everyone who follows you is a potential opportunity

1.1.4. You want people to unfollow you, unfriend you, and unsubscribe - so GO FOR BROKE

1.1.5. It only takes one sale to change everything

1.1.6. Every day you don't post is a very bad thing

1.1.7. Don't take advice from someone who hasn't done exactly what you want to do

1.1.8. Reasons to use social media: everyone's addicted to it you can outsource it to staff way easier to sell to someone who has a relationship with you

1.1.9. Unseen benefits Improved brand, prestige, ego, etc will asked to interview and give talks social media is your own personal fan club, have fun with it This is one of the few areas of marketing that can be easily outsourced. Still have to oversee the copy/content though.

1.2. Facebook-only

1.2.1. Content (what people like) Don't get too technical, people get bored FAST if people don't share, like, comment on your posts, you're doing something wrong. Use disruptive techniques slang, misspellings taboo subjects strong opinions Method posts are wonderful, no one cares about your ideas give away your trade secrets the more you tell people what to do, the more they say "This is amazing, can you do this for me?" give everything away - not just the 'what', but the 'how'. Reddit Reddit is how you find ideas to post go to 'top posts of all time' in each subreddit you don't have to guess what your audience likes - top posts TELL you if you're posting on Reddit, use redditlater reddit's a much too big topic for this hour is great leadgen SW If you post about the following 3 things, you'll never go hungry: get paid, get laid, and lose weight. It's not spam if you add value Be proud to show off what you post at parties, otherwise don't post it Everyone has done something impressive and should talk about it What you want to be known for should be your 5 pictures featured in your profile your top picture needs to validate what you do don't waste your facebook profile real estate 22s is great for group contests and other stuff? cool viral stuff on your page you can add hangouts, sweepstakes, podcast Tell stories with tangential mentions of your service even if your niche is boring, your story isn't. your life experiences 'we've always told stories around the campfire' (example niche: community manager) what's the 5 most interesting things you've ever done, and what was your lowest point? CORE STORY Have 4 fun stories you could tell on dates and networking events Tell stories about politicians, tell stories about other businesses, tell stories about other people, tell stories with semi-lessons in them Once you have good content in one form, repurpose it in quote form, full-length form, etc. Beware diminishing returns Don't flog the same thing constantly, people get bored with that VERY fast you need to add NEW things every 6 weeks you need to launch something

1.2.2. Content (what Facebook likes) Type of post Whatever facebook rolls out most recently, they give preference to facebook stories are #1 right now live video is #2 right now video is #3 text/photo is #4 external links get least reach Get rid of external links and you'll notice a massive jump in engagement Include a photo in every text post, or ideally a video Recency Posting time doesn't make any difference until maybe 5k followers, just SHOW UP

1.2.3. Non-content - group mgmt and profile/posting mechanics Join every relevant group with more than ~800 members talk to people in groups add anyone I talk to build relationships Golden law of social media: aggressive growth strategy + showing up every day showing up badly is better than not showing up at all we're looking at a 'war on attention' These things are not complex. Not coding, not SEO. This is simple and you can train an intern once you know the systems. As soon as you start, you'll get feedback. You'll feel good and want more. Common failure points: Not being aggressive enough to 1k followers Too lazy to get started: start with curation and go to original content - being a DJ is easy. Not caring, not liking and replying to EVERY comment Giving up too easily Community management cheat sheet: block out 9pm-12am every Sunday night to write 21 posts 4x Money/Event facebook posts/LI posts a week every morning M-Th 10am, fun posts 6pm every day 3 money tweets a day: 10am, 2pm, 6pm Fun tweets 11am, 4pm, 7pm Peripheral networks Insta, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc Write mailout Use link tracker - is what Vin uses tools You have no right to privacy your public profile needs to be your personal profile facebook personal profile is the business card write blog posts as 'notes turn 'following' on so you don't have to friend them back Vin's in over 100 groups Friend everyone who engages with your posts - be really aggressive about friending chatbots is more future-facing than groups but it's going to be incredible best example is an artist like Eminem if you were signed up to his bot, it would message you when he has a new song hard to find good SW for this right now, but pay attention

1.3. Other networks

1.3.1. IG is the best place to find new users right now on day 1, find someone who absolutely loves your stuff follow all their followers Look at the people who follow back look at the hashtags those followers use, start using those hashtags they start tagging their friends in your posts and you're off to the races you can't put links in posts, but you can in bio in your posts you can say 'click the link in my bio' use trackable links, not just your homepage wait to start saying 'click' until you have plenty of people - focus on audience building first Audiense is great for finding influencers there's a free plan find influencers and do deals: takeover posts, mutual shoutouts, etc IG 'stories' are super-powerful for engagement don't rip off copyrighted videos because they're easily traced check what the top people in your space are doing for competitions and giveaways and do similar hashtags - 30 per post, if you're ranking too easily, use bigger ones check to see they're being used recently (last 2 hours) massive juice on networks like Telegram best way to get real relationships with people who have massive accounts many of them are kids 12-16 who don't know how to make money, so a few hundred dollars a month can be huge leverage buying a big account can be great

1.3.2. LI has surprisingly good engagement difference between linkedin and FB is that if they're at work, they don't get in trouble like on fb if you post on LI at 6am local time, the 'pulse' people are scouring for good content and they'll feature you worth posting, worth connecting to people go on connection sprees, but not too fast or you'll get banned

1.3.3. Twitter great lead generator and for meeting people outside your niche useful PR tool as well audiense is best tool for Twitter steal the good stuff - only retweet when someone compliments you? tweet the same thing 5 times tweet lots - 50-100 times a day is fine pics are more likely to be retweeted, always include those socialquant is a great $40/month service is great too

2. Jill Stanton = 45k members

2.1. She does themed days

2.1.1. Win Wednesdays

2.1.2. Tasty Tuesdays

2.1.3. Thursday Follow Love Fest

2.1.4. Feel Good Fridays

2.1.5. Saturday Sweat

2.1.6. She views it as really important for keeping the feed fresh

2.1.7. Getting community feel rather than audience feel

2.1.8. use Buffer, Meet Edgar, co-schedule, or just google calendar for reminders

2.1.9. use Canva to make text overlay images for themed days AT LEAST

2.2. Privacy is a huge issue when posting more vulnerable stuff.

2.2.1. People post things in closed groups that they won't post on a page

2.2.2. Build your 'cheerleader community' feel

2.2.3. 'This is where I come if I need a kick in the ass" or "This is where I come if I need a pick-me-up" etc

2.3. Building the group

2.3.1. It really REALLY should not be you doing all the work - get engagement ASAP

2.3.2. All her blog posts pointed back to the group

2.3.3. She did podcasts and guest posting

2.3.4. She ran some FB ads to the group

2.3.5. Welcome thread gets used by lots of people - Comment where they're from, what their name is, and what their biggest health struggle is.

2.3.6. Post random questions in the group.

2.3.7. 3 times a day - comment on stuff, post things

2.3.8. Also just LISTEN, you'll find out what they really need Make a list - track answers use polls a lot - one of the most powerful aspects They said they should have engaged more in poll comments from this example what are interest points? What are you struggling with? What do you want to learn? Are there topics people AREN'T mentioning but you have a feeling they need/want to know? Product creation pre-evaluation How relevant is the topic to my ideal customer? Is there revenue potential? How interesting is the topic to ME?

2.3.9. She did happy birthday videos for a long time, really helped

2.3.10. put FB group in website's nav bar

2.4. Use polls a lot - one of the most powerful aspects

2.4.1. free content topics

2.4.2. where are members in their business

2.4.3. say goodbye to guesswork

2.4.4. Product creation

2.4.5. Choose top 4 topics from poll "If you're currently creating landing pages (opt in, sales pages, order pages, thank you pages, etc), what are you using to get the job done?" Divi CF Thrive Themes LeadPages OptimizePress Convertkit Hubspot Kajabi avada

2.4.6. engage as much as I can in the comments

2.4.7. How interested in the topic am I?

2.4.8. Wait a minimum of 48 hrs before finalizing results

2.4.9. Combine the pre-evaluation total with the poll score

2.4.10. Focus on top scoring topics the most, obviously

2.4.11. Create content around top topics

2.4.12. Use top topics in copy on sales funnels

2.5. Sales Funnel to go with group

2.5.1. Read Magnet non-opt-in content

2.5.2. Lead Magnet signup happens here

2.5.3. Mini-course intro offer theirs is $50, discounted

2.5.4. Core offer

3. Marc Mawhinney = 6k members

3.1. Biggest mistakes

3.1.1. Being fuzzy on why the group exists - Group must have clear purpose

3.1.2. Unclear description - reading the description should instantly tell you who the group is for

3.1.3. Lack of branding or inconsistent branding - branding must be clear and solid.

3.1.4. Not showing up. 3x posts/day, 2x MINIMUM ON OCCASION, not counting comments

3.1.5. Don't be boring - "If I were just a member, would this be one of my favorite groups?" What are MY favorite groups? LCT TAC

3.1.6. Hiding or trying to be ultra-professional. Be transparent and vulnerable.

3.1.7. Being afraid to polarize

3.1.8. Being afraid to promote the group post about it multiple times a day

3.1.9. Adding people without permission Make absolute sure I know the difference between 'adding' and 'inviting'

3.2. Growth tips

3.2.1. Use your facebook intro section on your personal profile

3.2.2. Get out and get interviewed treat your fb group launch almost like a book launch 40-50 interviews to get started always send to easy URL Keep track of when interviews air when MARC was on EOF he got 100s of join requests a day is Marc's SO

3.2.3. Use live trainings promote training outside of group so you don't limit reach no pitch at the end CTA was getting into FB group

3.2.4. Put your FB group in your autoresponders as your main CTA expose your link, don't use anchor text

3.2.5. Do giveaways! Marc does 'milestone' giveaways Books Amazon gift cards Usually spends $100-$500

3.2.6. Encourage members to help grow group 'grow the jungle thursday' One member added 10-15 members every thursday Don't leave it all on your shoulders, members will happily help grow it if it's worth growing

3.3. Q&A

3.3.1. Shannon Hernandez (small group) example: Small Group members have to engage 2x/mo or they get kicked

3.3.2. What kinds of content compared to personal profile? Make sure you have exclusive content inside group

3.3.3. I don't have much engagement? Tipping point seems to be around 300 members if it's a good group

4. Dan Meredith?

4.1. Free Shit Fridays