OGTC Corporate Knowledge bases

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OGTC Corporate Knowledge bases by Mind Map: OGTC Corporate Knowledge bases

1. Enabling Technologies

1.1. Artificial Intelligence

1.1.1. Academic MIT AI

1.1.2. AI Companies

1.1.3. Authority & News

1.1.4. Podcasts Concerning.ai Dataskeptic Datastori.es Learning Machines 101 Linear Digressions O'Reilly Data Show Partially Derivative Talking Machines Twimlai

1.1.5. Research

1.2. Drones / UAV

1.2.1. Academic Kansas State North Dakota UAV

1.2.2. Authority & News Arpas UK Droneality Drone Enthusiast Dronelife Drone News Drones at Work sUAS News The Drone Gril The FAA UAV Expert News UAVSA

1.2.3. Drone Companies 3DR Cyberhawk Droneflight Raptor Maps Reb Bird Roavr Sky Futures

1.2.4. Podcasts Commercial Drones FM

1.2.5. Research Drone Analyst

1.3. Robotics

1.3.1. Academic Bristol Robotic Lab

1.3.2. Authority & News BARA Federation of Robotics International Robotic Exhibition Medical Futurist Blog NCCR Robotics Phys Org Robotics Business Review Robotics Industry Association (USA) Robotics News Robotictrends Robotnor Robot Report

1.3.3. Goverment EU CORDIS EU Robotics

1.3.4. Podcasts Robohub

1.3.5. Robotic Companies blueye InnoTecUK Inspection Robotics Liquid Robotics Maritime Robotics Robotic Drilling Systems

2. General Magazines

2.1. Harvard Business Review

2.2. MIT Technology Review

2.3. New Scientist

3. Industries

3.1. Oil and Gas

3.1.1. Associations & Bodies Energy Institute The Oil and Gas Authority

3.1.2. Company Websites BP DNVGL EIC NOF Energy Offshore Engineer Shell TWI

3.1.3. News & Authority DecomNorthSea Energy Voice InnovOil Offshore Magazine Oil & Gas Association Oil Field Glossary

4. Innovation

4.1. Podcasts

4.1.1. Killer Innovations

4.2. Deepweb

4.2.1. Carbon Capture

4.3. Edinbrugh Research and Innovation

4.4. ITF Technology Showcase

4.5. OGIC

5. University

5.1. Aberdeen University