DeSales - Brooklyn Priests

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DeSales - Brooklyn Priests by Mind Map: DeSales - Brooklyn Priests

1. About

1.1. Bishop DiMarzio’s welcome address

1.2. Vocations Director’s Corner

1.3. Calendar of Upcoming Events

1.4. Meet the Seminarians

2. Stories

2.1. Vocations Director’s Corner

2.2. Discernment

2.3. Stories from Brooklyn Priests

2.4. Seminarians videos/testimonies

2.5. Other ideas to be distributed:

2.5.1. Currents on guys being ordained

2.5.2. On the Block

2.5.3. City of Churches

2.5.4. Tablet (& Nuestra Voz?) articles

2.5.5. Other past NET things

3. What is Discernment?


3.2. How to

3.3. Discerning Signs of a Vocation to the Priesthood

3.4. Discernment is Not Done Alone

3.5. Resources

3.5.1. For parents How to speak to your children about vocations What does God want you to do?

3.5.2. FAQ Is priesthood easy? How do I find a spiritual director? Hot links

4. Get Involved

4.1. Calendar of Events Calendar? Listings? (from MMIC database)

4.2. Programs

4.2.1. Project Andrews

4.2.2. Fraternitas

4.2.3. Jeremiah Project

4.2.4. Evenings of Fraternity

4.2.5. Retreats

4.2.6. House of Discernment

4.3. Gallery (photos and videos)

4.3.1. Past events

4.3.2. House of Discernment

5. Brooklyn Priesthood

5.1. Diocesan priests vs. religious priests


5.2.1. Discernment The House of Discernment

5.2.2. Seminary College and Pre-Theology Formation Program Theologate- The Major Seminary Our seminaries

5.2.3. Ordination Promises Prayer Obedience Celibacy

5.2.4. Priesthood


5.3.1. Fraternity - the brotherhood of Brooklyn priests

5.3.2. Saving souls

5.3.3. Changing lives

5.3.4. Fulfillment, purpose, and a sense of peace

5.4. The life of a priest

5.4.1. Daily life Mass From there, every day is different “What a person goes through in a lifetime, a priest does in a day.” - Fishers of Men Being always on call

5.4.2. Spiritual life Celebrating the sacraments Prayer life of a priest: Liturgy of the Hours

5.4.3. Pastoral life Parish ministry Youth ministry

5.4.4. Social life Bike rides to the beach Yes, there is vacation! Dinner w/ family

6. Contact