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1.1. Don Quijote lived in Spain many years ago

1.2. The people who lived around him called him "the good lord Quixano"

1.3. He had no descendants and much less a wife

1.4. He lived with his niece and an old maid

1.5. He was a fan of the fictional reading about cavalry

1.6. He forgot most of his tasks and his food for reading

1.7. Never stopped thinking about things of knights errant

1.8. Read so much about ecaballeria made him want to become one

1.9. I began to make all his armor that was horrendous but for him it was perfect

1.10. A skinny horse went to his eyes his beautiful corsel

1.11. The gentleman needed a maiden who was a young woman who called "Dulcinea del toboso"


2.1. Don Quixote I think of throwing myself into the adventure

2.1.1. Don Quixote saw in the distance a castle, which, in fact, was a small inn

2.2. Dressed, took his weapons and helmet, rode his horse and left silently

2.3. Suddenly a pity that he was not a gentleman, for no one had named him that way

2.4. I think for a moment to return to his house, but then, he repented and went ahead

2.5. Rode asta to arrive, I hope they received it with a trumpet sound but it was only a pig calling the others

2.6. The innkeeper offered roof, food and drink to Don Quixote and his horse

2.6.1. The innkeeper took care of him in a cut way and as if he were with a true gentleman

2.7. The food was very poor and only water was simple

2.8. Before trying to bite, he told the innkeeper to name him a knight at dawn

2.9. The innkeeper suggested to Don Quixote to go to his house with clean clothes and a little money

2.10. He started picking up his things to leave

2.11. A man who rode mules went to where Don Quixote was

2.12. Don Quixote felt threatened and attacked him with his spear

2.13. Then the acquaintances of that man began to throw stones at him

2.14. The innkeeper came out to defend it by saying "he is a man who acts by reading so much"

2.15. Listening to the innkeeper they stopped attacking the poor Don Quixote

2.16. The innkeeper told him that he would give him the honor of being a knight to avoid more conflicts

2.17. He refused because it was not morning

2.18. After saying things to convince him I accept and finally get


3.1. Very early Don Quixote prepared to leave

3.2. Hug the innkeeper and start his trip again

3.3. On his way I remember what the innkeeper had told him about the money and the tents

3.4. Don Quixote, I think you should heed those words.

3.5. He roared toward his house

3.6. Suddenly I heard screams and went there

3.7. I notice that a man was tied to a tree by a young man

3.8. Don Quixote asked why he had done it and he replied that he owed him money

3.9. Don Quixote said that he should pay everything he owed or he would

3.10. The terrified man replied that he did not have a single coin

3.11. And he said that only the account would pay

3.12. As soon as Don Quixote left, the lord again tied the young man and beat him

3.13. The young man shouted but Don Quixote was already far away to hear him

3.14. Don Quixote rode home quickly

3.15. During the journey I remember all the successive and their confrontations were dedicated to Dulcinea