Juridical Frame of Law Rights

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Juridical Frame of Law Rights by Mind Map: Juridical Frame of Law Rights

1. The Constitution

1.1. Articles 3, 5, 73, 115, 116, 123, 133

2. International Treats

2.1. United Nations

2.2. Organization of American States

2.3. International Labor Organization

3. Laws of Constitutional kind

3.1. Federal Law of Work

3.2. Bureocrat Labor Law

3.3. Social Insurance Law


4. Federal or State Legislation

5. Juridical Rules

5.1. Right of Labor

5.2. Contracts-Law

5.3. Colective Labor Contracts

6. Regulations

6.1. Health and Hygiene at work

6.2. Employees at Credit Institutions

6.3. Inspection and Application of Penalties of Infrigment to the Legal Labor

6.4. Social Insurance


7. Use of the Constitutional Article 123

7.1. The Union Congress must create laws about the about the work they will direct to:

7.1.1. Generally, all working contracts (Workers, laborers, employees, etc.)

7.1.2. In the Union Congress the government of DF and its workers

8. Union Congress

8.1. It is the only one that can regulate labor laws

9. Application of Labor Norms

9.1. Internal Territorial Circle: In this circle the State authorities have restriction but only federal authorities have subjects related to

9.1.1. a. Industrial services branch

9.1.2. b. Enterprises They are administrated in a direct or decentralized form Must count with a contract or federal concession Must execute their activities in federal zones

10. External Territorial Circle

10.1. International Trades are the ones that regulate norms in the circle but the Labor Law establishes that the employees count with the same rights that they have in their origin country and they must follow these norms