Online Formative Assessment Tools

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Online Formative Assessment Tools by Mind Map: Online Formative Assessment Tools

1. Seesaw

1.1. Seesaw is a student driven portfolio where students can write, draw, record and video. Teachers can share links or ask questions. It is a safe, private place for student's work.

2. Chatzy

2.1. Provides a place for private conversations much like TodaysMeet. Chatzy is a place for classroom discussion and can keep discussions going after class. It could also serve as an exit ticket.

3. ExitTicket

3.1. Teachers can poll, test, survey what students know in quiz like format. It is a quick way to gather information and would be great for an assessment.

4. Nearpod

4.1. Nearpod is different from other response systems because it does not only gather the information, but teachers can differentiate lessons based on data collected.

5. Pick Me!

5.1. An app that will randomly choose names. This one is different then some because the names can be organized in classes or groups.

6. Vocaroo

6.1. Students can create audio recordings and embed it into a slideshow, presentation, or website. This would be a great tool for end of unit projects or to give feedback on their project.

7. Socrative

7.1. Different games, exercises, exit tickets that give real time data and you can see student's answers in real time which allows for teaching moments or discussions. You can do small groups or classroom quizzes or games as well.

8. iBrainstorm

8.1. An iPad app that allows for students to collaborate. It is like a white board everyone can work on.

9. Literably

9.1. Literably assesses reading fluency and comprehension. The student reads aloud and Literably generates a running record and will send it to the teacher within 24 hours.

10. Mentimeter

10.1. Students can use different devices to vote on questions the teacher asks. This would be a great check of understanding before moving on to the next subject or exit ticket to recess.

11. Padlet

11.1. Padlet is like a blank canvas where students can collaborate, add ideas, links or pictures. Students can have conversations, brainstorm and answer questions, and lots more.

12. Classkick

12.1. Teachers can upload documents, questions, assignments, pretty much anything and assign it to the class or specific students. As students are working you can see their work in real time. You as the teacher can collaborate with them from your desk and they receive the feedback in real time. In Classkick you can add pictures, voice recordings, documents, and drawings.

13. Google Forms

13.1. Teachers can create a document where students can collaborate in real time, take quizzes that are relevant to their learning and all the data is collected for you. Best part is it is very user friendly and easy to design.

14. Kahoot

14.1. Game-based quiz. Students answer the questions created by the teacher from a device. It has a time limit and tracks the information as it comes in. It also shows the correct answer after everyone has answered.

15. Schoology

15.1. Schoology is a LMS much like Seesaw or Google Classroom. Students can collaborate, take quizzes, polls, and have everything centrally located.

16. AnswerGarden

16.1. Brainstorming or polling tool, students type in their answer and it comes up in real time.

17. Quizlet

17.1. Teachers can create flashcards, quizzes, surveys, and lots more. Teachers can create their own or borrow from already existing quizzes.

18. Random Name/Work Picker

18.1. The teacher can put in a class list and have it choose random names for questioning. I can see this being used for sight words or putting words in and having students provide the definition.

19. Voice thread

19.1. Students can record conversations on almost anything. For example, they can record on diagrams, videos, pictures.

20. Go Formative

20.1. Student response system where teachers can assign activities to students, get results in real time and provide feedback for the students.