Digital Tools for Formative Assessment

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Digital Tools for Formative Assessment by Mind Map: Digital Tools for Formative Assessment

1. Quiz Games

1.1. Kahoot!

1.1.1. Teachers create or find pre-made quizzes that students answer on a computer or tablet. Kahoot! | Learning Games | Make Learning Awesome!

1.2. Quizizz

1.2.1. Multiplayer classroom quizzes that provide automatic feedback to students and teachers. Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes

1.3. Mentimeter

1.3.1. Allows students to use mobile phones or tablets to vote on questions given by the teacher. Interactive presentation software

1.4. Naiku

1.4.1. Teachers create quizzes that students complete on their mobile device. Great for checking understanding. Naiku | Better Assessment. Better Learning.

1.5. Obsurvey

1.5.1. Create polls, surveys, and questionnaires easily. Obsurvey - Free Online Survey Maker - No.1 Web Survey Software

1.6. Quia

1.6.1. Allows teachers to create games and quizzes or choose from a database of already made games and quizzes on any topic. Quia

2. Student Understanding

2.1. ExitTicket

2.1.1. Allows teachers to poll and assess students. Helps teachers gather feedback of what students know and do not know.

2.2. Animoto

2.2.1. Gives students an opportunity to create a short 30 second video about what they've learned in a lesson. Animoto - Make great videos. Easily.

2.3. Socrative

2.3.1. Includes engaging exercises and games that students can complete on their mobile phone or device. Socrative

2.4. ShowMe Interactive White Board

2.4.1. Teachers are able to check student understanding by viewing answers on the interactive white board. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard on the App Store

3. Class Discussion

3.1. Back Channel Chat

3.1.1. Allows students and teachers to engage in a conversation using mobile devices. Backchannel Chat - Safe Secure Classroom Discussions

3.2. Chatzy

3.2.1. Allows students to respond to teacher questions or engage in class discussions.Chatzy - Free Private Chat Rooms

3.3. Today's Meet

3.3.1. A tool for class discussion. Students share thoughts or opinions and responses are displayed on the IWB. TodaysMeet - Give everyone a voice

3.4. Lino

3.4.1. Allows students to share thoughts via online sticky notes and share with their class and teacher. Sticky and Photo Sharing for you - lino

3.5. Poll Everywhere

3.5.1. Teachers create polls or questions that students respond to. Teachers can see responses in real time. Poll Everywhere

3.6. ProProfs

3.6.1. Receive automatic feedback from students through mobile devices. ProProfs - Knowledge Management Software

4. Student Response System

4.1. AnswerGarden

4.1.1. Allows teachers to receive feedback and answers to questions from their students. AnswerGarden »

4.2. ClassKick

4.2.1. Allows teachers to post assignments and students can provide feedback on the assignment. Classkick | Reimagine student feedback

4.3. GoFormative

4.3.1. A student response system that allows teachers to assign activities to students and see results in real time, and provide students with feedback.

4.4. Go SoapBox

4.4.1. A response system that works with the BYOD system, no clickers are required.GoSoapBox: Hear What Your Students are Thinking