Teacher Librarian

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Teacher Librarian by Mind Map: Teacher Librarian

1. As a librarian

1.1. Support school's mission

1.2. Work with staff

1.3. Keep learning new resources to bring into the library

1.4. Teach staff about new resources (i.e., hold workshops)

1.5. Reflect daily

1.6. Assess the library's books from time and time, use budget to get new books, and recycle out-dated books

1.7. Work together with staff to create a comfortable working space in the library

1.8. Create a routine, a good habit for students and reading

1.9. Provide resources to staff to enrich their lessons

1.10. Welcome technology into the library

1.11. Organize social awareness activities

2. As a teacher

2.1. Work with staff

2.2. Professional development - continuing learning new technology to introduce to the class

2.3. Create student-entered lessons

2.4. Reflect daily

2.5. Promote enjoyment of reading, good habit

2.6. Be positive, open-minded

2.7. Welcome technology into the classroom

2.8. Organize social awareness activities

2.9. Personalize lessons

3. As a colleague

3.1. Work with staff, have planning time together

3.2. Listen to everyone's ideas and needs

3.3. Work together to create a comfortable working space in the library

3.4. Share resources that will help each other

4. Sources:

4.1. Video: A Librarian's 2.0 Manifesto