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1. Application

1.1. Manufacturing

1.1.1. Use computer to assist with manufacturing process

1.2. Health care

1.2.1. The medical staffs are using conputers for various purpose

1.3. Education

1.3.1. Using camputer base training

1.4. Finance

1.4.1. People and companies can use computer to manage their finance

1.5. Goverment

1.5.1. Have website to provide citizens with up to date information

1.6. Publishing

1.6.1. Publish books music anf film online

1.7. Travel

1.7.1. Can reserve car,hotel and flight online

2. Definition:The use of computer hardware and software to store,retrieve and manipulate information

3. Disadvantage

3.1. CYBER SICKNESS:People tend to spend more time with internet instead of enjoying their real life (lead to relation breakup and increase loneliness

3.2. UNEMPLOYMENT:Job can be done by machine thus making some people become enemployed

3.3. DOMINANT CULTURE:Social media and network influence the teenagers on how they act,dress and behave

3.4. PRIVACY: Some people don't really realize on what kind of information that they shared on the Internet (lead to people to know your important information)

4. Advantage

4.1. CREATION OF NEWS JOB:New employment opportunities such as compuer Programmers,system analyzers,and web designer

4.2. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION:Help to make communications faster and more efficient yet less cost

4.3. GLOBALIZATION :Brought down barries of lingustic and geographic boundaries by sharing ideas and information online

4.4. COST EFFECTIVE:Computerize the business process can increase the productivity

5. Categories of computers

5.1. Supercomputer

5.1.1. A large,expensive,powerful computer that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously

5.2. Mainframes

5.3. Personal computer

5.3.1. Perform all of its input,processing,output and storage activities by itself

5.4. Mobile device

5.4.1. Computing device small enough for a users to hold in his or her hand •smartphone •digital media player •digital camera

5.5. Mobile computer

5.5.1. •The fastest,most powerful and mist expensive computer that is capable of processing many trilions of instructions in a single second •online bankin •Automotive design •Aerospace •Nuclear energy research

5.5.2. Portable personal computer,designed so that a user can carry it from place to place New node •notebook/laptop •tablet •handheld computer •netbook

5.6. Embedded computer

5.6.1. A special-purpose computer that functions as a component in a large product •printer •air conditioner •digital television