amandas vocab list

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amandas vocab list by Mind Map: amandas vocab list

1. levels of organization

1.1. organism

1.1.1. a form of life

1.2. population

1.2.1. group of indeviduals of the species found in a given area or located in the same at the same area at a given time

1.3. community

1.3.1. poputlations of living organisms that interact with one another in an ecosystem

1.4. ecosystem

1.4.1. group of living organisms that interact with one anouther in an nonliving physical enviorment as one unit

1.5. biosphere

1.5.1. layer of earth that sutuble for life

1.6. biome

1.6.1. section of earth were organisms live freshwater biome marine biome

2. food webs

2.1. food chain

2.1.1. transfer of energy from one organism to another

2.2. food web

2.2.1. network that shows many connected food chains

2.3. producer

2.3.1. organism that uses elements from the enviorment to make its own food

2.4. primary consumer

2.4.1. herbivor or obnivore that feeds on plants

2.5. secondary consumer

2.5.1. carnivore or obnivore that feeds on primary consumers in an ecosystem

2.6. tertiary consumer

2.6.1. oeganism that eats secondary and primary consumers

2.7. tropic levels

2.7.1. all organisms in a feeding level that are the same number of steps away from the sun

3. climets

3.1. rainforest

3.2. temperate decidous forest

3.3. coniferous forest

3.4. desert

3.5. tundra

3.6. savanna

4. factors

4.1. biotic

4.1.1. living components of an ecosystem

4.2. abiotic

4.2.1. nonliving physical and cemical parts of an ecosystem

5. succession and such

5.1. biodiversity

5.1.1. variety of living orgamisms on earth

5.2. hot spots

5.3. ecological succession

5.3.1. process in which the communities of an ecosystem change over time

5.4. primanry succession

5.4.1. process of emergence of an ecosystem where it has never previously exsisted

5.5. secondary succession

5.5.1. process that begins in an ecosystem when somthing has disturbed or destroyed the natural community

5.6. pioneer species

5.6.1. hardy species, including mosses and linches

5.7. climax community

5.7.1. community that keeps a firly constant number and variety of organisms for a long period of time

5.8. limiting factors

5.8.1. conditions of th enviorment that limit the growth of a species

5.9. carryinjg capacity

5.9.1. number of individual species that an ecosystem can support

6. population growth

6.1. black plague

6.2. industrial revolution

6.3. exponential growth