I will explore becoming a Physical Therapist.

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I will explore becoming a Physical Therapist. by Mind Map: I will explore becoming a Physical Therapist.

1. How much time would I have with my family if I had this job?

1.1. Do they work the weekdays and have the weekends off?

1.1.1. Talking to a physical therapist, articles, magazines, credo, newspapers, online sources

1.2. Will I have time to even start building a family?

1.3. Does this job have odd hours?

2. Is going to school for 6 years and earning a masters degree worth it to me?

2.1. At what point of my life would I be at when I actually start doing this job?

2.1.1. Forums, self reflection, health books, history books, data results, credo

2.2. When do other people with this degree usually start working in this field?

3. What kinds of tasks does a physical therapist do?

3.1. Do they do more than just rehabilitate athletes?

3.1.1. Educational books, talking to a physical therapist, credo, Health articles

3.2. How much time do I spend with a patient on average?

3.3. Do I have an assistant?

3.4. Is it like owning my own business?

4. How hard is it to be a physical therapist that works specifically with major league sport teams?

4.1. What requirements and experience will I need?

4.1.1. Educational books, biography, magazines

4.2. How long will It take for me to get to that level?

4.3. Is it even part of the job, is it possible?