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3X4 by Mind Map: 3X4


1.1. Who We Are

1.1.1. Values and Culture Establishing a Common Language Culture Custodians What We Stand For

1.2. How We Are

1.2.1. Behavior and Competency Conceptual/Operational/Interpersonal and Personal Compentencies Designing explicit questions and implicit experience / indicator Embedding and recognising observable behaviours (recognition / social recognition (Hi5)

1.2.2. Establishing and Managing Expectations Having the tough conversation Clear is Kind

1.3. Why We Are

1.3.1. Our Place in the World Purpose

1.3.2. Our Story / ies

1.4. Candidate Experience

2. Role Strategy

2.1. Role Mapping for growth

2.2. Recognising and Mitigating Bias

2.3. Role Format / Ad / Outlines for Culture Reflection and tie-back to Feedback

3. People Attraction

3.1. Proactive Talent ID

3.1.1. Talent Pipeline Grad Recruitment Candidate pre-identification and tracking

3.2. Social Sourcing

3.2.1. Social Media Positioning EB LinkedIn Facebook Recruiting

3.2.2. Social Media Sourcing Channel Strategy per role / area

3.2.3. Social Sourcing (MeetUps / OpenDays / Groups)

3.3. Search and Selection

3.3.1. Recruitment Recruitment Process Per Role Video / Visuals - how the brain responds and connects to content

3.3.2. Current Roles - Receptionist / Education Designer / Designer

4. People Journey

4.1. Onboarding

4.1.1. Onboard Strategy and Process Advisory Pre-Start Engagement Process First Day, Week, Month and 90 Day Process

4.1.2. Culture Custodians

4.2. Retention

4.2.1. Reward Growth Feedback Identifying skills training (conf / courses etc) Meaning / Purpose Communication

4.2.2. Recognition Social Recognition Reward / Award Individual Reward

4.3. Employee Engagement / Experience

4.3.1. Wellness: Body

4.3.2. Wellness: Mind Emotional, Behavioral Behaviour Mapping Living Values Habit Stacking Rituals and Practices Belonging Purpose Social Connection

4.3.3. Growth and Learning