ELT approaches and methods

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ELT approaches and methods by Mind Map: ELT approaches and methods

1. Grammar Translation method

1.1. Deductive Learning is essential

2. Direct Method

2.1. Inductive Learning is essential

3. Audio lingual method

3.1. Behaviorism/habit formation/repetitions

4. Total Physical Response

4.1. physical movement/ use of commands

5. Communicative Approach

5.1. Activities that involve real communicaton

6. Suggestopedia

6.1. Liminations need to be desuggested

7. Silent Way

7.1. Cognitive psychology, learning occurs inductively, rule formation

8. Community Language Learning

8.1. Language is for communication, creative thinking and sharing culture

9. Cognitive Approach

9.1. concepts behind language

10. Humanistic Approach

10.1. healthy mental attitude is dependent on taking personal responsibilities

11. Task based language learning

11.1. use of authentic language and meaningful tasks using L2