James Zersche

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James Zersche by Mind Map: James Zersche

1. 3D Modeling

1.1. Game Development

1.1.1. Game Engine Unreal Engine 4.17.0 Material Editor

1.1.2. Programs ZBrush

1.2. Programs

1.2.1. Project Management EverMotion Project Manager

1.3. Terminology

1.3.1. Fresnel Effect

1.3.2. Chromatic Aberration

2. Logic

2.1. Technology

2.1.1. Computing General Knowledge What Is a Computer? What is the Internet? What is a Computer Program? What is Computer Programming? What is Computer Software? Programming HTML5

3. Science

3.1. Natural Science

3.1.1. Biology Life Phytology Zoology Virus

3.2. Neuroscience

3.2.1. Nervous System

4. Personality (INFP/INTJ)

4.1. Traits

4.1.1. Introverted

4.1.2. Intuitive

4.1.3. Feeling

4.1.4. Perceiving

4.2. Language

4.2.1. English Vocabulary Atheism Cell Developer Development Exist Fallacy Ill-Advised Introvert Logic Mechanic Mitosis Quantum Rational Religion Subjective Acute Fresnel Effect Quintessential Anecdotal Alphabet ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

4.2.2. German (Deutsche) Alphabet ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ß (ss) Numbers Eins (1) Zwei (2) Drei (3) Vier (4) Funf (5) Secks (6) Sieben (7) Acht (8) Neun (9) Zehn (10) Vocabulary Auf Wiedersehen Belegtes Brot Bist Brot Du Farbe Fick Hallo Himmel Ich Nacht Nicht Sie Sprech Trinkt Verstehen Was Wasser Will Phrases Ich verstehen nicht.

4.2.3. Russian (русский) Alphabet Numbers Vocabulary Baboshki (Butterfly) Babushka (Grandmother) Brat [Брат] (Brother) Da [да] (Yes) Dochka (Daughter) Privet (Hello) Skachat' [Скачать] (Download) Voda [вода] (Water) Zdravstvuy [Здравствуй] (Hi) Zdravstvuyte [Здравствуйте] (Hello) Phrases English Alphabet

4.3. Life

4.3.1. Birthplace Baltimore Maryland

4.4. Heritage/Ethnicity

4.4.1. 50% Polish

4.4.2. 50% German

4.4.3. 1/10th Irish?

5. Math

5.1. Fractal

5.1.1. Koch Curve

6. Photography

6.1. Terms

6.1.1. Focus Stacking