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Edgardo's Feedback by Mind Map: Edgardo
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Edgardo's Feedback

Minnesota University

Research on the internet

Lorenzo García Aretio



Tony Bates

personal site

call for papers OERs, which demonstrate significant and creative ways of enhancing the learning process through effective use of OER.

Pedula Perkins


Beatriz Fahinhol


ojo consiguete el modelo de universidad virtual que tiene la mayor

modelo andragogico

la Teoria del Dialogo Didactico Mediada

Theory of Didactic Mediated Dialogue?

matches up with Laurrillards' conversational theory?


theory in course

Salmon's e-tivities model

Conversational Framework


Beer's viable systems model


Moodle materials

discuss useful materials for the sala de profesores

OER in Spanish;jsessionid=0E98EBEC5A2D084250B93787C59F8AC6.liferay1

Recursos Didácticos para la Creación de Contenidos para Entornos de Aprendizaje



guia actividades aprendije

modalides de enseñanza

aprener desde la indignacion