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Software Testing by Mind Map: Software Testing
5.0 stars - 6 reviews range from 0 to 5

Software Testing

Functional testing

Non-functional testing

Accuracy Testing

Suitability testing

Interoperability testing

Functional security testing

Usability testing

Accessibility testing

Efficiency testing

Performance testing

Load testing

Stress testing

Scalability testing

Resource utilisation testing

Security testing

Reliability testing

Fault tolerance testing

Failover testing

Backup and restore testing

Maintainability testing

Dynamic maintenance testing

Corrective maintenance testing

Adaptive maintenance testing

Portability testing

Adaptability testing

Installability testing, Install method, Download via internet, CD/DVD, Network installation, Error handling, User interruption, System interruption, Installation failed, Target platform not compatible, OS not compatible

Replaceability testing, Component interdependence, Supplier dependence

Co-existence testing




Black box testing

White box testing

Grey box testing

Regression testing

System testing

Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Business Acceptance Testing (BAT)

Operational acceptance testing (OAT)

Alpha testing

Beta testing


Structure-based testing

Statement testing

Decision/Branch testing

Condition testing

Multiple condition testing

Condition determination testing

Path testing

Linear Code Sequence & Jump testing

Specification-based testing

Equivalence partitioning

Bundary Value Analysis

Decision Trees and Cause-Effect Graphing

State Transiting Testing

Orthogonal Array and All-Pairs tables

Classification Trees

Use-case testing

Experience-based testing

Error guessing testing

Checklist-based testing

Exploratory testing

Attack testing

Static analysis testing

Control flow analysis

Data flow analysis

Compliance to coding standards

Call graphs

Dynamic analysis testing

Memory leaks

New node

Integration Testing

Unit Testing

Component Testing

System Integration Testing