Introduction to Supply Chain Management

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Introduction to Supply Chain Management by Mind Map: Introduction to Supply Chain Management

1. Global Citizenship

2. Introduction to manufacturing

2.1. Significance of United Nations (UN) Global Compact

2.1.1. Voluntary strategic policy initiative for businesses Principles in 4 areas Human rights Labour practices Environmental Anti-corruption

2.1.2. UN Global Compact Management Model Commit Access Define Implement Measure Communicate

2.2. Manufacturing business model

2.2.1. Define Product Positioning Breadth of product linr Price Quality Brand name or generic Design Packaging Returns policy Customer Type Market segmentation Sales channels Market share/profitability

2.3. Significant aspects of business environments on manufacturing

3. Wealth creation

3.1. Manufacturers

3.1.1. Primary goal - to create value for producers and customers Value created by transforming raw materials and ideas into finished goods and services that meet customer needs

3.2. Society as a whole

3.2.1. Can benefit from profitable manufacturing through the multiplier effect Company's suppliers create wealth in the same way as do their suppliers. Wages paid to employees create wealth - net worth, savings and net assets

4. Manufacturing environments and process choices

4.1. manufacturing environments and determinants

4.2. Process choices

5. The manufacturing supply chains

6. Manufacturing planning and control (MPC)

7. The impact of new systems and Philosophies

8. Value for customer

8.1. Defined as a worth of an item, good or service - what customer willing to pay

9. Product design

10. Choices of manufacturing environments (ETO, MTO, ATO, MTS). Choices of manufacturing process (project, intermittent, repetitive flow, continuous flow)