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Pdf with Custom Fonts - Ionic1 by Mind Map: Pdf with Custom Fonts - Ionic1

1. Installation

1.1. Add plugin using npm

1.1.1. npm install pdfmake

1.2. Add the pdfmake.js path in script/ index.html

1.3. Add vsf_fonts.js to script/index.html

2. Adding Fonts in pdfmake

2.1. Goto node_modules and select pdfmake

2.2. create a folder examples/fonts

2.3. add the fonts which u have downloaded

3. Generating fonts

3.1. run npm install in pdfmake folder

3.2. run gulp buildFonts in pdfmake folder

3.3. check whether the new font file is available in vfs_fonts.js

4. Printing fonts

4.1. check whether it is printing with the correct font in the given language

5. Errors

5.1. No gulp found

5.1.1. if u have downloded the plugin via bower try to do it with npm

5.2. Task 'buildFonts' is not in your gulpfile

5.2.1. check whether gulp.js contains buildFonts function if not try to install the plugin via npm

5.3. github link

5.3.1. bpampuch/pdfmake

5.3.2. bpampuch/pdfmake