10TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (July 26, 2017)

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10TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (July 26, 2017) by Mind Map: 10TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (July 26, 2017)

1. Affiliate Marketing is Easy

1.1. It's as easy as sharing about your favorite restaurant.

1.1.1. How? Be clear what is your intention beforehand Know who is your audience Create copy like you are speaking to one person. Best copy are conversational Ask quesions Bring a high level of passion Add a bonus too! Use the email swipe copies that we provide! WebinarJam Main Funnel Promotional Tools You don't have to stick to emails. You can also do "review style" videos.

1.2. NLP Modalities for creating rapport to include in your communications to make them more engaging and experiential:

1.2.1. Visual

1.2.2. Auditory

1.2.3. Kinestethic

1.2.4. Auditory Digital

1.2.5. Olfactory

1.2.6. Gustatory

1.3. Other Tips:

1.3.1. Message your audience now. Create 3-4 lines of copy and inform them that you will share a tool that is a game-changer on August 14. Message your audience every week until August 14 but don't give it away. Build excitement for what's to come.

1.3.2. Share with them your own bonus offerings.

2. The All New WebinarJam

2.1. 2nd Tier Links

2.1.1. Provide to Tribe Leaders You receive 10% commission They will be able to promote WebinarJam, EverWebinar & Kartra and receive commission too. They need to sign-up here

2.2. Official Launch of All New WebinarJam

2.2.1. Grand Opening of the All New WebinarJam Promotional Calendar Have 6 "Did You Know" videos It will be Andy Jenkins on camera Funny videos Presents new features

2.2.2. August 14 - September 1 Prizes for Top Affiliates during the 2-week promotional period. Current WebinarJam owners will have free access to the beta version on the first week of August. They will have access to the All New WebinarJam by August 14.

2.2.3. We will provide all new copy and images for your promotions.

2.3. On Sep 1st, the special offer (bonus package) will end.

2.4. Always check:

2.4.1. Monthly Promotions for WebinarJam, EverWebinar or Kartra


3.1. JV and Affiliate Support Page

3.1.1. https://jv.genndi.com/support

3.2. Facebook Page

3.2.1. Click on the arrow

3.2.2. Our entire partnership team looks at this Facebook Page

3.3. Send us an email

3.3.1. [email protected]

4. Webinar Replay

4.1. Click on the arrow

5. Collaborate with us!

5.1. Please send your ideas, content, and topics you want to be discussed in the Q&A Webinars

5.1.1. Send us your inquiries or thoughts on our facebook page Click on the arrow

5.2. Connect with me on LIVE our next weekly Wednesday Affiliate Q&A Webinars

5.2.1. Click on arrow

5.3. Affiliate Summit East 2017 Conference & Tradeshow (#ASE17)

5.3.1. Meet-up with Joseph!

6. Answers to Affiliates' Questions

6.1. EverWebinar will be upgraded so that it will integrate properly with the All New WebinarJam.

6.1.1. FREE upgrade for all existing customers.

6.2. Affiliate Networks are intermediaries between publishers affiliates and merchant affiliate programs.

6.2.1. Joseph will engage with them during the Affiliate Summit East 2017.

6.3. It won't be possible to broadcast simultaneously to Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

6.3.1. After recording to Facebook Live or YouTube Live, you may still edit your videos.

6.4. The All New WebinarJam

6.4.1. FREE upgrades to the All New WebinarJam YouTube Live New Interface New Page Builder Have your Presentation Slides stored in the Cloud Password-Protected Webinars File Sharing Express Jam

6.4.2. There are add-ons for broadcasting options that are inexpensive!

6.4.3. WebinarJam 3.0 will not be connected to Google Hangouts.

6.4.4. Pay-outs to Affiliates are on a monthly basis. After a purchase, it will take 30 days before a pay-out is made.

6.4.5. JamCast meeting rooms can hold a maximum of 6 people.

6.4.6. For existing customers, the maximum number of attendees are 5,000 in YouTube Live. There will be different options for maximum attendees depending upon the selected pricing options.

6.5. Kartra Launch will be on mid-September

6.6. Logitech C920

6.6.1. This is the webcam Joseph uses and what is recommended by Genesis Digital. You may purchase one in Amazon