Online Tools to Validate Your Business Idea

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Online Tools to Validate Your Business Idea by Mind Map: Online Tools to Validate Your Business Idea

1. Google Search

1.1. While typing your research query, take note of the auto suggestions. These are popular searches related to the topic you're searching about.

1.2. Also take note of the "Related Searches" at the bottom of the results page. These "related searches" can broaden your understanding about how people are searching for the topic / idea you're interested in.

1.3. Check if there are any ads (none, few or too much) that display when you search about your topic / idea. This gives you an insight on the competition.

1.4. Search on Google from different countries to get more local results (rather than global ones) This used to be the case before October 2017. Now you have to change the location of Google from the settings to get localized results. Check out the attached link

1.4.1. Google Lebanon /

1.4.2. Google UAE /

1.4.3. Google France /

1.4.4. Etc...

1.4.5. Start typing How to start... How to wear... How to become... 10 things to do...

1.4.6. Try how to wear...

1.4.7. Try

2. Google Trends

2.1. Google Trends shows you how often a particular search-term is entered across various regions of the world.

2.1.1. Example 1: This graph shows the trend about searching for 'instagram' and 'snapchat' in Lebanon

2.1.2. Example 2: This graph shows the worldwide trend about searching for 'gifts for men' and 'gifts for women'

2.2. You can compare up to 5 search terms, from different countries and for different time ranges.

2.3. You can also discover top and rising related search queries.

3. Google Keyword Planner

3.1. Keyword Planner is a free Google tool that provides historical data on the volume of searches related to certain keywords / topics / etc...

3.2. You need to have a Google Account

3.3. If you're not running an Adwords campaign, the Keyword Planner shows ranges for search volumes. Once you run a campaign, you'll have access to the accurate volumes.

4. Facebook Audience Insights

4.1. The Facebook Audience Insights tool provides access to valuable demographic and behavioural data, enabling you to learn more about your audience and potential audience.

4.2. To get started, head to

5. Online Surveys

5.1. With online surveys, it's much easier to collect data from your audience by simply distributing a link. Once you create your online survey form, you can just share it on social media, via email, private messages, etc... and get the data in real-time.

5.2. Check out:

5.2.1. SurveyMonkey

5.2.2. Google Forms

5.2.3. Google Surveys

6. Landing Pages

6.1. A landing page is a standalone web page that is designed for a single focused objective (Getting visitors to click on a certain link, getting visitors to sign up, call, pre-order, etc...)

6.2. With a good landing page and a good volume of traffic to it, you can measure Key Performance Indicators like number of signups and gauge the interest of people in your idea/product.

6.3. Check out:

6.3.1. LeadPages

6.3.2. Unbounce

7. Awareness Campaigns

7.1. You can test how much people may be interested in a certain topic / product / service or idea, by simply talking about it online, sharing related content, educating people, etc... You can raise awareness through:

7.1.1. Social Media Facebook Page Instagram Business Account Pinterest Twitter etc...

7.1.2. Blogging Check out Wordpress

8. Online Advertising

8.1. With online ads, you can target potential users, lead them to your landing page, and see if they engage and take action (i.e. give their email address, call, pre-order...)

8.2. With little time and money, you can check if people are interested in your idea or product by checking the number of clicks on your ads, the number of signups, etc.

8.3. Check out:

8.3.1. Google Adwords

8.3.2. Facebook and Instagram Ads

8.3.3. LinkedIn Ads

9. Created by Patrick Kass-Hanna Digital Marketer & Web Developer Emagine