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2-year strategic plan by Mind Map: 2-year strategic plan
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2-year strategic plan

Brainstorm of potential priority topics for the next 2 years






Mental Health




beside SC / multiple SC


Patient Safety

Social Determinants of Health

Climate change and health

topics (should this be tasks?)

Liaison Officers

What do our key partners (WHO, WMA etc) think may be priority topics for the next 2 years?

NMO reports

what are the projects that are mostly organized?

aspirational goals per topic

come up with specific acheivable objectives for the IFMSA over the next 2 years (Waruguru)

Potential partnership per topic

research: Liaison Officers


1) the need of the NMO; what they currently work on/ what is time actual in their countries

2) what is time actual on the international global health arenas


Survey NMO server


two main topics per standing committee

2-3 extra topics beyond SCs

Context and global health arena per topic

The role of the medical student (IFMSA) in global health policy (Waruguru)

New node

meetings and objectives included per topic

preparation for each meeting

existing policy-statements

policy statements to be written and adopted

handover of externals

publications to bring

objectives with each external

creating standard training for each standard meeting, UNAIDS conference, COP, Summit Social Determinants, WHA

during the meeting

meetings and exchange between delegates

delegation leader

feedback to the organization, blog, twitter, official facebook page

How many topics do we have to narrow it down to? (Phillip)

If more than 1 topic, will topics have equal priority or how else may it be weighted?

Do we want to brainstorm so of what we think may be priority topics at the moment? As perhaps there may be topics that are not currently covered in NMO activities

plan for Liaison Officers

common strategic plan

sharing externals during TOM1

New node

New node

New node

New node