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NADRA by Mind Map: NADRA

1. Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

1.1. Provides family composition

1.2. Family Registration Certificate (FRC) helps in Embassy use mostly but cannot be used for any Legal requirement

2. International

2.1. National Driver's License System - Bangladesh

2.2. Passport Issuance & Control System - Kenya

2.2.1. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) complaint data acquisition software for passports.

2.2.2. Electronic Passport System - Kenya PKI-Public Key Infrastructure RFID Chip Integration with Biometric features namely Facial & Fingerprint IPI-Invisible Personal ID 2D Barcode Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)

2.3. Civil Registration System Sudan

2.3.1. National IDs MIS System AFIS System

2.4. National Identity Management System - Nigeria

2.4.1. National IDs ABIS System AFIS System

2.5. Election Management System - Fiji

2.5.1. Centralized Election Management System (CEMS)

3. Identity Documents

3.1. National Identity Card (NIC)

3.2. Juvenile Card (JV)

3.3. National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)

3.3.1. Any citizen of Pakistan can apply for NICOP and can travel to Pakistan without requiring a visa in case of dual nationality

3.4. Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

3.4.1. Provide eligible foreigners with unprecedented incentives to get back to their roots Visa-free entry into Pakistan Indefinite stay in Pakistan Exemption from foreigner registration requirements Permission to purchase and sell property Right to open and operate bank accounts

3.5. Child Registration Certificate (CRC)

3.6. Cancellation Certificate

4. Authority Board

4.1. Usman Y. Mobin Chairman NADRA

4.2. Farid Ahmed Khan CEO HBL, Karachi

4.2.1. Dr. Jawaid A Ghani Professor, KSBL

4.2.2. M Sualeh Ahmed Faruqui Chairman EOBI

4.3. Navaid H. Malik President Adept Private Ltd

4.4. Tariq Akbar Khan Ex-Executive Director, PSO

4.5. Brig (Retd) Kamal Aziz Â

4.6. Tariq Mahmood Khan Additional Secretary-II, MOI

5. Senior Management

5.1. Mr. Usman Y. Mobin Chairman

5.2. Mr. S. Muzaffar Ali Dy. Chairman

5.3. Mr. Junaid Mushtaq Qureshi DG Finance

5.4. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali DG Projects

5.5. BRIG.(R) Nasar Ahmed Mir DG Operations

6. Corporate Solutions

6.1. Secure Documents

6.1.1. ISO certified secure documents production facility Equipped with auto document feeder, digital printers, customized holographic and plain lamination machine, die-cutting machine and automated mailing machine

6.1.2. Polycarbonate, PVC, Teslin, Paper, Magnetic and Scratch Cards

6.1.3. Security features include security lines, water marks, micro-text, micro-lines, guilloche patterns, rainbow printing, UV duplex printing, holograms with animated covert images, 2D Barcode with encrypted PKI G2P cash disbursement, security and fraud prevention

6.2. Multi Biometric Identity Management

6.2.1. Data acquisition, personalization, development and implementation of secure ID solutions

6.2.2. Biometric, facial and IRIS verification

6.2.3. “Match On Card” applet supports finger print data acquisition and storage in the card ensuring that all data is destroyed if the card is tampered Financial services like cash disbursement in the social sector and voting management

6.3. Multi Biometric Passport

6.3.1. ICAO complaint

6.3.2. PKI-Public Key Infrastructure

6.3.3. RFID Chip

6.3.4. Integration with Biometric features namely Facial & Fingerprint

6.3.5. IPI-Invisible Personal ID

6.3.6. 2D Barcode

6.3.7. Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)

6.4. Computerized Arms License

6.4.1. Teslin cards, Smart Cards and Computerized booklet

6.4.2. Electronic data of weapon and the owner

6.5. e-Cards (Health)

6.5.1. Cash disbursement, data verification and approval management provisioning data identification, storage and verification of identities

6.5.2. Streamlined administrative processes to hospitals and insurance companies

6.5.3. Doctors have access to the database and the cards have data encryption

6.5.4. Readily available history of patients

6.5.5. Prime Minister National Health Program landed in Pakistan provides all required facilities

7. Pakistan National Projects

7.1. National Identification System

7.1.1. Pak Identity Website New Overseas ID Card (NICOP) Renew ID Card Modify ID Card Cancel ID Card Verify ID Card Pakistan Origin Card Family Registration Certificate E-Sahulat Franchisee Fee Payment System

7.2. BioMetric Verification Services

7.2.1. Secure Verification Service for 3rd Party Service Providers

7.2.2. Integration with Telcos, Banks, E-Sahulat, Security Companies, etc.

7.2.3. Real-time Fingerprint Verification

7.3. Arms License (Punjab, Sindh, Federal)

7.3.1. Computerized Arms License Cards

7.4. National Alien Registration System

7.4.1. National Alien Registration Authority (NARA)

7.4.2. Narcotics Control

7.5. SMS Services

7.5.1. 8500 - Prime Minister National Health Program

7.5.2. 7000 - SMS based citizen verification

7.5.3. 8400 - Tracking identity applications

7.5.4. 9888 - Flood Beneficiaries verification, Watan Card

7.5.5. 9777 - Pakistan Card

7.5.6. 8300 - Election System Verification

7.5.7. 8008 - Citizen Reverification Service

7.6. Punjab Kissan and Imdadi Package (KPIP)

7.6.1. Government of Pakistan grants for farmers

7.7. Pension and Zakat Disbursement System

7.7.1. E-sahulat franchisees provide support in the pension disbursement system

7.7.2. Pension management is managed between EOBI and E-sahulat

7.7.3. Direct Credit Scheme allows pensioners to have their funds credited to a bank account

7.7.4. Zakat funds are disbursed to biometrically verified and enlisted individuals of Sindh on the approved listing provided by the Government of Sindh

7.8. INGO Registration and Database

7.8.1. Local laws under which the NGOs were registered

7.8.2. Key employees, assets, and security arrangements

7.8.3. Financial arrangements and sources of funding

7.8.4. Functional and geographical areas of operation

7.8.5. Web-based online system

7.8.6. Data sharing and reporting with stakeholders

7.9. Safe City

7.10. Kiosk and e-Sahulat

7.10.1. E-Commerce Platform designed to provide online payment and collection facility through Franchise Network

7.10.2. Connected to NADRA’s National Data Warehouse through secure internet connections

7.10.3. ISO 8583 standards

7.11. Integrated Border Management System

7.11.1. Integration with other stake holders whose documents are presented at the border including visa, passport and other travel documents

7.11.2. Overstay Calculation

7.11.3. Capability to read ICAO complaint documents like machine readable and e-passports, record of automated data verification, passenger travel history, flight information, destination, port-of-origin, nationality, verification log and officer’s comments

7.12. Pakistan Electoral Rolls

7.12.1. Election Commission of Pakistan Verifies unique voters via National Citizen Database Removes unverified voters

7.13. Vehicle Registration Card (ETO – Islamabad)

7.13.1. Excise and Taxation Department

7.14. E-Toll Collection System

7.14.1. Seamless link between major highways

7.15. Afghan National Registration

7.15.1. UNHCR

7.15.2. Government of Pakistan

7.15.3. Government of Afghanistan

7.16. Frontier Corps Cards Production

7.16.1. FWO ID Cards

8. Corporate Services

8.1. Consultancy & Advisory

8.1.1. ID Solution Consultancy

8.1.2. Infrastructure Consultancy

8.1.3. Business Process Re-Engineering

8.1.4. Capacity Building and Technology Transfer

8.1.5. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

8.1.6. Integration With Associated Systems

8.1.7. Technology allocation for Data Acquisition, Data Communication & Data Processing

8.1.8. As is system study and Gap Analysis

8.1.9. Evaluation and requirement identification of technical projects

8.2. Enterprise Software Development

8.2.1. Languages: Java, C++, C, .Net, Visual Basic, WAP, XML/XSL, SOAP, JSP, ASP

8.2.2. Databases: Oracle, Teradata, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, MS SQL

8.2.3. Solutions: ERP, Workflow

8.2.4. Business Intelligence: Cognos, Microstrategy, Business Objects, Hyperion

8.3. System Integration

8.3.1. End to End Turnkey Solutions

8.3.2. Vendor Independent Approach

8.3.3. Large Scale Deployments

8.3.4. Customized Training Programs

8.3.5. System Architecture and Design

8.3.6. Development of Enterprise level Software

8.3.7. Integration with Automated Finger Identification (AFIS), Facial & Iris Recognition Systems

8.3.8. System Deployment, Testing, Commissioning, Operations Management, Training etc

8.3.9. Integration services for all types of ID technologies as per client’s requirement without ant vendors/manufacturers dependence

8.3.10. Cryptography and Encryption using codes and cipher algorithms IDEA, RC2, RC5, CAST and Skipjack

8.3.11. Data Acquisition, Data Warehousing & Networks

8.3.12. Integration with Automated Biometric Identification Solutions (ABIS) Single-version-of-truth (SVoT) & Logical Data Structure (LDS)

8.4. Data Warehousing

8.4.1. The Data Warehouse is developed and managed by NADRA and is equipped with mid-to-high grade servers from leading vendors namely IBM, HP, Dell, NCR, Teradata, Compaq etc 8 major nodes connected to each other via DVB-RCS2, VSAT Satellite & terrestrial frame Relay links High to mid end servers, devices and equipment from multiple vendors

8.4.2. Data Warehouse Applications Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) processes and routines Family identification - vertical and horizontal family linkages Verisys-web based ID card verification system Enables the control of entry/exit of people at restricted/earmarked areas like airports, shopping malls and offices Biosys- web based fingerprint verification system Disaster recovery and replication module Phonetics-one of the fastest search engines which searches on name basis Registration Tracking provides application status throughout the life cycle of processing

8.4.3. Double Date Entry

8.4.4. Centralized and Distributed System

8.4.5. Laser and other types of Printing

8.4.6. Secure Document Production

8.5. Project Management

8.5.1. Project Management Institute (PMI), USA, & Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Modification and fine-tuning conducted as per project requirements for an effective and timely delivery considering scope, time, budget and quality

8.6. Financial Services

8.6.1. Cash Disbursement Systems and G2P Programs Pension disbursement, insurance claims and income support programs

8.6.2. VERYSIS

9. Security & Surveillance

9.1. Integration & verification through centralized database

9.2. Customizable solution easy to deploy and configure

9.3. Multi-biometric features of Fingerprints and Facial

9.4. Highly flexible, scalable, and upgradeable architecture

9.5. Highly secure, requiring low level of serviceability

9.6. Personnel Access Control

9.6.1. Compatible with any type of employee database

9.7. Vehicle Access Control

9.7.1. e-Toll Collection System

9.7.2. Electronic readers installed at toll plazas capture details of all incoming vehicles from RFID chip placed on the car

9.7.3. Reliable financial reconciliation, real time information collection

9.8. Intelligent Video Surveillance

9.8.1. Integrate and implement Intelligent Video Surveillance and Behavioral Detection Systems Programmed to track identified area and send an alert when the subject m violates predefined rules, analyze and assess video sequences on real time basis without human intervention, ability to develop complex behavior of individuals, small groups, crowds and interactions of people and vehicles.

9.9. Safe City

9.9.1. Primarily NADRA Citizen Database and Centralized Vehicle Database

9.9.2. Authentication of vehicles and individuals

9.9.3. Whole network of security structure is additionally supported by a myriad of Security cameras and CCTVs Controlled through central command center, the population and their activities are monitored along with a vehicle tracking system that forms a preverbal umbrella hovering over the allocated access points and key locations which may include check posts, public access areas, sensitive installations and restricted areas

10. e-Governance

10.1. Civil Registration System

10.2. Voter's Management

10.2.1. Post polling forensics

10.2.2. e-voting

10.3. Social Protection

10.3.1. Prime Minister National Healthcare Program (PMNHP)

10.3.2. Machine Readable Passports ICAO Compliant

10.3.3. Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) cash disbursement Partner Banks Later grants given to families through phone to phone banking Beneficiaries issued a SIM and cell phone at NADRA counter to receive SMS for cash grant Beneficiaries receive cash grant by Point of Sale (PoS) franchise

10.3.4. Temporary Displaced Person (FATA) FATA Disaster Management Authority NADRA Citizen Database Biometric Verification for Secure Disbursement of Funds Reporting mechanism for check and analysis on data Livelihood Support Grant Child Wellness Grant

10.3.5. Watan Card Watan Cards were launched in 2010 to help the victims of floods in Pakistan Web based case management system

10.3.6. Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority Money Disbursed: PKR 35.7 Billion

10.3.7. Afghan Refugee Program

11. Operational Management

11.1. Col.(R) Tahir Maqsood DG Islamabad

11.2. Lt Col.(R) M Anees Khan DG Punjab

11.3. Lt Col.(R) M Ahmad Khattak DG Sindh

11.4. Col.(R) Muhammad Talha Saeed DG Balochistan

11.5. Mr. Gohar Ahmed Khan DG KPK

11.6. Col.(R) Naveed Zafar GM Multan

11.7. Mr. Mir Alam Khan GM Sargodha

11.7.1. Maj.(R) Saqlain Bukhari GM Sukkur

12. Fee