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CampingTrip_August2017_Planning by Mind Map: CampingTrip_August2017_Planning

1. Inventory

1.1. David & Alana

1.1.1. Utensils Cutlery Tongs Knife Sauce Pan Cutting Board Cooler

1.1.2. Utilities Tent Lock Power bar

1.1.3. Camping Equipment Tent Hammer Air Mattress Sleeping Bag Manual Pump

1.1.4. Camera gear Tripod Drone 5D 70 - 300 FishEye 50 mm

1.2. Hiko

1.2.1. Camping Equipment Sleeping Bag

1.2.2. Games Board Game Card Game

1.2.3. Meals Food Drinks Beer Water Juices

1.3. Poki

1.3.1. Utilities Matches Bear Bells Crank Radio Aluminum Foil Multitool Zip Lock Bags Tent Lock Small Cooler Ice Packs

1.3.2. Appliances Extra Gas

1.3.3. Games Smash Up

1.3.4. Camping Equipment Air Mattress Electric Pump Blanket Tent

1.3.5. Meals Drinks Cider

1.4. Everyone

1.4.1. Clothes Bathing Suits Towels Pajamas Jacket Sweater Running/Hiking Shoes Flip Flops Sunglasses

1.4.2. Utilities Bug Spray Tooth Brush Cash Toothpaste Wet Wipes Phone Chargers Toilet Paper Sunscreen Medication Flash Light

2. Schedule

2.1. Saturday

2.1.1. 6am Pick us up

2.2. Sunday

2.2.1. Surfing? maybe?

2.3. Monday

2.3.1. 5pm Ferry

3. Menu

3.1. Meals

3.1.1. Saturday Breakfast Ferry Lunch Out for lunch Dinner Mac and Cheese (Dalana) Smores

3.1.2. Sunday Breakfast Bacon (Dalana) English Muffin (Dalana) Eggs (Dalana) Cheese (Dalana) Lunch Restaurant Dinner Hot Dogs (Dalana) Hot Dog Buns (Dalana) Baby Carrots Humus

3.1.3. Monday Breakfast Corn Bread (Russ and Lina) Jam (Russ and Lina) Lunch Baked Potatos (Russ and Lina) Baked Beans (Russ and Lina) Dinner Ferry

3.2. Snacks

3.2.1. Chips

3.2.2. Granola Bars

3.2.3. Trail Mix (Dalana)

3.2.4. Gum

3.2.5. Chocolate

3.2.6. Bananas

3.2.7. Coconut Chips

3.3. Drinks

3.3.1. Coffee (Russ and Lina)

3.3.2. Tea (Russ and Lina)

3.3.3. Water

3.4. Condiments (Russ and Lina)

3.4.1. Salt

3.4.2. Pepper

3.4.3. Wochestershire Sauce

3.4.4. Ketchup

3.4.5. Mustard