R.O.C.K: Reach Out Center For Kids

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R.O.C.K: Reach Out Center For Kids by Mind Map: R.O.C.K: Reach Out Center For Kids

1. Visions and Goals

1.1. Mission: Working together to promote and achieve optimal mental health in kids and families.

1.2. Vision: Building Rock Solid People

2. Equity and Inclusion

2.1. ROCK doesn't have a specific equity statement, but they do mention throughout their website and in their mission statement that all children, youth, and families are welcome and they have a wide range of professionals waiting to help.

3. Services and Programs Provided

3.1. Staff

3.1.1. Early Childhood Educators

3.1.2. Occupational Therapists

3.1.3. Child and Youth Workers

3.1.4. Crisis Councellors

3.1.5. Social Workers

3.1.6. Psychologists

3.1.7. Psych Associates

3.1.8. Psychometrists

3.1.9. Therapists

3.2. Mental Health Services

3.2.1. Walk-in Clinic

3.2.2. General Consultation

3.2.3. Family Therapy

3.2.4. Individual Therapy

3.2.5. Psychological and Diagnostic Assessments

3.2.6. Group Therapy/Parenting

3.2.7. Intensive Child and Family Service

3.2.8. Crisis Response 24hr

3.2.9. Court Assessment

3.2.10. Behavioural Consultation and Intervention

3.2.11. Occupational Therapy

3.2.12. Residential Services

3.3. Child, Youth, and Family Services

3.3.1. Walk-in Therapy Clinic

3.3.2. Family/Brief Therapy

3.3.3. Individual Therapy

3.3.4. Intergenerational Trauma Treatment Program

3.3.5. Group Therapy/Parenting

3.3.6. Intensive Child and Family Service

3.3.7. Crisis Response Program

3.3.8. Behavioural Consultation and Intervention

3.3.9. Court Assessment

3.3.10. Psychological and Diagnostic Assessment

3.4. Regional Infant to 6 Services

3.4.1. Parent and Infant/Child Assessment and Therapy

3.4.2. Family Therapy

3.4.3. Behavioural Consultation and Intervention

3.4.4. Psychological and Diagnostic Assessment

3.4.5. Group Services

3.4.6. Second Step Training

3.4.7. Occupational Therapy Services

3.5. Residential Services

3.5.1. Provides residential treatment for youths 12-15 years old

3.5.2. The facility is known as the Aberdeen House and is located on Lakeshore Road in Oakville, Ontario

3.6. Walk-in Services

3.6.1. The walk-in provides quick access to therapeutic intervention by enabling family members to see trained professionals in their moment of need

3.6.2. They provide a relief to the wait lists by offering immediate care as necessary

3.6.3. The entire family or individual family members may come to the clinic without an appointment during walk-in clinic hours from 12:00pm to 8:00pm, 6:30 being the last appointment

4. Accessing Services and Programs

4.1. Admission Criteria for Clinical Services

4.1.1. From 0-17 years of age (up to 21 years in residential services)

4.1.2. At risk for or experiencing symptoms of emotional issues or mental illness

4.1.3. Family and individual services and programs

4.1.4. Need for ongoing services evaluated

4.2. The Referral Process

4.3. Children, youth, and families can be referred by parents, physicians, paediatricians, psychologists, and other community agencies

4.4. Youth can also access ROCK on their own, without a referral

4.5. Services provided by the infant to 6 programs, and the youth programs, may be accessed through the walk-in therapy clinic or by calling the intake coordinator at 905-634-2347 ext. 439

5. What is R.O.C.K

5.1. Rock has been providing mental health services since 1974.

5.2. ROCK provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families.

5.3. An accredited children's mental health centre that offers over 30 programs and services to children and youth ages birth to 17 years old.