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ConCom.Com Plan by Mind Map: ConCom.Com Plan

1. Click on the corner dots ->

1.1. to read more

2. Custom Options

2.1. Access

2.1.1. How People Access your Hub. If Public Anyone can Access it but You can put Spam Restrictions on. If Private you can use Private Keys/Passwords or User-Specific Invites.

2.2. Monetary

2.2.1. How/If Your Hub generates Money whether through ads, donations or paid services.

2.3. User Representation

2.3.1. Are Users Anonymous? If they're not do they show up under their public ConCom account or a Hub-Specific Alias?

2.4. Type of Posts

2.4.1. What Media do People post and How do they post it? Eg: Publication, Video, Text Messaging, Files etc

2.5. Rules

2.5.1. Rules and Guidelines to Moderate adn Monitor the Level of Quality or Relevance to the Hub topic by Admins

2.6. Topics

2.6.1. Areas of Discussion organised by Tags or Filters

2.7. Factions and Forums

2.7.1. Register Groups/Factions In a Discussion based Hub. When a Topic is in Discussion all the Groups and their Position(s) are listed on a Mega Thread for Debate.

2.8. Filters

2.8.1. NSFW etc

2.9. Packaging

2.9.1. In ConCom you can Package/Archive Posts. These Packages then Can be shared in other hubs or in PM. Disable or Enable this? You can turn on private notifications for when people package things and act on them relevant to your Hub rules

3. ConCom(Placeholder name short for Content and Communication) is a site made up of Hubs Private and Public. Think of Channels in Discord or Subreddits on Reddit. However these Hubs are very Customisable so a Hub could range from Twitter to Youtube to 4chan in design etc. The Rules, Layout and Design are completely changable by the Creator to form the right Hub. So Hubs could range from: 10 person message group, a Multi-Media Platform for Thousands or People, or a Anonymous Message board for shitposting. These Hubs are easy to make so If a Hub becomes corrupted of It's Original Intent it is easy to Migrate.

4. Creating a Hub

4.1. Create your own Hub and Build your Hub with Drag in Drop Features

5. Joining a Hub

5.1. Now you are a Member of the Hub. Depending on the Hub you may Have to Create a Mini Account where you appear different to your Main, Public ConCom Account or It could Also be a Anonymous Hub. Some Hubs also may have tier membership systems (You might be a pleb!) You May have to wait till you can post as spam filtering is a Hub Option.

6. Find or Create a Hub

6.1. Search for a Public hub: By using a Search engine or filtering by Tags/Topic, Userbase, Trending Etc. To access Private Hubs you will need an Invite or Access Key Distributed and Managed by Admins. Click Create a Hub to Create your own hub and choose from a range of different options and settings.

7. Select Hub

7.1. Select a Hub you are a member of and browse it.

8. Main Feed

8.1. A Feed of Posts or Content from Your Hubs that you want on your Main Feed. Some Hubs due to design may not be applicable.

8.2. j

9. Login/Sign Up

10. Direct Messages

10.1. PMs to to your Main/Public Concom [email protected]

11. Main Page