2017 Generative Flow Workshop

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2017 Generative Flow Workshop by Mind Map: 2017 Generative Flow Workshop

1. Day One:

1.1. Morning:

1.1.1. Open: Program Overview 45 min. +/- (JSR) Conflict into Creativity Resetting the Autonomic Nervous System Response The Principals of Adaptive Movement "Original Movement"

1.1.2. Break: 15 minutes

1.1.3. Accessing "Original Movement" Introduction - 45 min. +/- (AR) 4 Principals ... Balance, Sensitivity, Looseness & Body Unity Guided Chaos (Al Ridenhour) Kneading The Body Reawakening Uninhibited Body Movement Introduction to Adaptive Flow Push/Pull Movements: Thumbs to Arms Contact Touch Q. & A.

1.1.4. Lunch: 90 minutes

1.1.5. "Original Movement" Social Contact - 45 min. +/- (JSR) Autonomic Nervous System Response Conflict Creativity Invitation/Rejection Approaching & Avoiding Taking Back Control of Personal Space Adaptive Movement (Dance of the Elements) Contact Exercise Hand-to-Hand Contact Exercise

1.1.6. Break: 15 minutes

1.1.7. Vestibular & Proprioceptive Control, 45 min. +/- (AR) Balance and Looseness in Motion

1.1.8. "Dance of the Elements" Movement Habituation, 45 min. +/- (JSR) Introducing "The Elements" Metaphor Earth, Water, Fire, Air Noticing Movement Patterns "Void" Metal, Chi, Prana Al - "Fire from Hand" Demonstration

1.1.9. Close: 15 - 30 min. Q & A (JSR/AR)