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Lean Sigma for Service by Mind Map: Lean Sigma for Service
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Lean Sigma for Service


LSS for Strategic advantage

1 ROI for LSS

2. Getting faster to get better, Need, Lean, Six Sigma, Success story 1, Lockheed Martin

3. Seeing services through your customers eyes, Success story 2, Bank one

4. Executing corporate strategy with LSS, Success story 3, City of Fort Wayne, Indiana

5. The value in conquering complexity, Success story 4, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Drivers, Technological change, Capital intensive, Revenue streams, No margin no mission, The business, Healthcare, Fixed costs, Low control, e.g. Staffing levels, Regulations, Revenue control, Poor, Lessons, Ownership and Integration, Failures, 1980s, Service improvement, Alien ideas, TQM, Good, TEAM working, Involve COALFACE, Bad, Needed, Financial strategy, Marry to, Improvements, Missions goals, Current model, Operational improvement, LSS another name, Ownership, Identity, Integrate, Improvement, Business goals, Reduce operating costs, Quality, Maintain, Improve, i.e. IMPROVE to BUDGET, Preparation & Rollout, Eye, Patients experience, Cross functional assessment, Train the trainers, ?, Train by people they knew, Choose team leaders, Pioneer class, Problem solving, Quality tools, First class, 100 people, Train to, Lead teams, Facilitate, Now, Annually, Train, 10-16, Teams, Cross functional, Planning for next year, Timeline, January, OI budget/improvement cycle, Starts, Before, Ideas, From staff, up until April, First 2 OI meetings, Brainstorming, Staff ideas, Generate more, Teams meet WEEKLY, Ideas, Analyse, Implement, Leaders meet WITH, Report, to, CEO, COO, CFO, About, Ideas/projects, up to September (fiscal yea begins), Executive team, Completes, Plans, Targets, Maintenance, CROSS functional TEAMS, Meet monthly, Monitor performance, ID more opportunities, Share data, Volume of patients, Cost per case, Reimbursements, Incentivise, ROI 3 years or less, Get money, Capital, Operating dollars, Results, ICU hrs/pt/day, 1980s, 29.6, 2001, 19, Material cost savings, $25m/year, Cash flow impact, "Reduction of supply expense per adjusted patient day indicators", Cardiac surgery cost savings, $2.6m/year, Cardiology cost savings, $4.4m, CABG, $2,400/case, TEAMs, Cross-departmental, DATA, Increase, Availability, Use of, ADAPTING, Staff needs, Working styles, BENCHMARKING, MATRIXED organisation

Deploying LSS

6. Phase 1: Readiness assessment

7. Phase 2: Engagement

8. Phase 3: Mobilisation

9. Phase 4: Performance & Control

Improving Services

10. Service Process Challenges

11. Using DMAIC

12. First wave service projects

13. Raising the stakes in service process improvement

14. Designing world-class services (design for Lean Six Sigma)