The burnout society Fernando Chávez Pérez

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The burnout society Fernando Chávez Pérez by Mind Map: The burnout society Fernando Chávez Pérez

1. Byung-Chul Han

2. Questioning whether if what you are is the result of what society has decided you to be or what you have decided?


3.1. The "liberty" we "love" is actually the reason of why we feel trapped.

3.2. The individuals in today's society have the fake idea of being free, to be able to do anything. This unfortunately produces tired, failed and depressive beings

3.2.1. This society is constantly in the search of "perfection" of "greatness" leading individuals to become slaves of their own dreams and expectations, causing mental exhaustion. Self-exploitation Socio-explotation


4.1. Being productive = SUCCES

4.1.1. Being unique and special

4.1.2. materialism

4.2. Being "Free" and having "liberty" = HIGHER chances to FAILURE

5. In the XXIst century the evil comes from the individual itself.

5.1. depression, feeling of inferiority, fear of failure, self-reproach, self-abuse ... self-weariness.

6. "Otredad"


7.1. Taking a break from ourselves in order to find ourselves. The solution to be yourself again in the company of others.