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How To Get Your Site Ranked #1 In The Google Local Listings And In The Google Organic Results For Your Target Keywords by Mind Map: How To Get Your Site Ranked #1 In The Google Local Listings And In The Google Organic Results For Your Target Keywords

1. How To

1.1. Keyword Research

1.1.1. Why? So you can track/measure your rankings So you can create targeted content for people who are already searching for things So you can get in front of trends online So you can comply with Google's guidelines So you can create a content production schedule/content plan So you can find profitable money making opportunities

1.1.2. Go To Keyword planner

1.1.3. Tools To Make It Happen Google's Keyword Planner Google Sheets

1.1.4. Checklist 1. Type In All The Keywords You Can Think Of That You Would Like For People To Find You Through Search Into The Keyword Planner And Hit Search Note: Let The Keyword Tool Do Most Of The Work Here, Don't Knock Yourself Out Doing This 2. Go Through The Keywords And Add Into Your Adwords Plan "Buyer Keywords" Buyer Keywords Are Those Keywords That When People Search Them, Their Intent Is To Get A Home Inspection ASAP Or At Least Soon 3. Export The "Adwords Plan" Into Google Sheets 4. Group All Of They Keywords Into "Buckets/Groups" Separated By Intent Note: These "Buckets" Or Groups Will Be The Pages On Your Site

1.2. Create My GMB Listing

1.2.1. Fill Out Everything Completely

1.2.2. Put Keywords In Video Files & Image Files


1.2.4. Make it pretty!

1.2.5. Google (and all directory companies) only want to show the best listings because it makes them look good and gives their searchers a better experience

1.3. Make Sure There Are No Duplicate GMB Listings

1.3.1. People Can Register Your Site, But They Can't Verify It

1.3.2. Just send Google a support ticket, and if your Listing is verified, they'll suppress the duplicate listing

1.4. Content Creation For Website

1.4.1. Create Content Based On Your Keyword Buckets

1.4.2. Make Sure Every Page Answers "What's In It For Me To Read This & Schedule Now?" In Some Way

1.4.3. Make Sure Your Keywords Are In Your Title Tag & URL (But Not Twice!)

1.4.4. Make Sure Your Keywords Are In Your Content

1.4.5. I am assuming you have a website, here

1.4.6. If you don't have a website, that's another training for another time

1.4.7. transcription service

1.5. Website Management

1.5.1. Put keywords in Title Tag and URL

1.5.2. Use the SERPs as a guide as to what is most important (Title Tag, URL, Meta Description)

1.6. Get Setup In A Tool Like Brightlocal, SEMRush, or Moz

1.6.1. Start Rank Rank Tracking For Your Top 5 (Or More) Keywords In An SEO Tool Like BrightLocal

1.6.2. Fill Out The Information Completely

1.6.3. Google "SEO Tool" if need be

1.6.4. Recommended Tools

1.6.5. There is no perfect tool

1.6.6. Why

1.7. Connect Google Search Console To Your Site

1.7.1. This Too Will Start Tracking Some Basic Data

1.7.2. It Will Also Alert You Of Anything Malicious On Your Site

1.7.3. How to setup Google Search Console

1.8. Connect Google Analytics To Your Site

1.8.1. Once You Do That, It Will Automatically Start Tracking Basic Data Like Traffic, Bounce Rate, ETC

1.8.2. How to

1.9. Create A Goal In Google Analytics For Your Schedule Page

1.9.1. So You Can See How Many Of The Website Visitors Actually Scheduled An Inspection (AKA Converted) So You Can Start Optimizing This Number Each Week, Month, Or Certain Time Period So You Can Do Performance To Plan! So You Can Improve Your Conversion Rate On The Schedule Page

1.10. Create A Goal in Google Analytics For You Home Page --> The Schedule Page

1.10.1. So You Can Start Tracking The Conversion Rate Of The Home Page To The Schedule Page

1.10.2. So You Can Optimize Your Home Page To Get More People To The Schedule Page

1.11. Create A Report For Each Of These KRAs

1.11.1. Number Of Conversions/Scheduled Inspections On The Schedule Now Page

1.11.2. Conversion Rate Of Schedule Now Page

1.11.3. Conversion Rate Of Home Page --> Schedule Page

1.11.4. Number Of Conversions From Home Page --> Schedule Page

1.11.5. Total Traffic On Schedule Page

1.11.6. Total Traffic On Home Page

1.11.7. Total Impressions From SERPs

1.11.8. Click Through Rate From SERPs

1.11.9. Rankings For Top 5 (Or More) Keywords

1.12. Start Building Citations, Directory Listings, ETC

1.12.1. To Build Authority In Google's Eyes

1.12.2. Directory Listings Are Like Mini Websites That Can Get You Phone Calls, Website Visitors, And Booked Inspections

1.12.3. Fill Out The Profile COMPLETELY

1.12.4. Citation Burst in Brightlocal

1.13. Get All Of My Competitor's Citations & Listings From An SEO Tool & Build Those Too

1.13.1. Make Sure NAP Is Consistent

1.14. Get As Many Reviews As Possible, More Than My Competitors

1.15. Start Creating Content For My Ideal Client To Attract Them To My Site

1.15.1. So You Can Get More Website Visitors Who Have The Best Chance Of Converting!

1.15.2. "SEO Articles"

1.15.3. From Keyword Research

1.15.4. From FAQs from Clients If someone asks you a great question and you think "someone might ask me that again" do a quick video or article about it and post it on your website

1.16. Start Doing Social Media Marketing

1.16.1. To Get People To My Site Who Have The Best Chance Of Converting

1.16.2. To Build Relationships With People In My Community

1.16.3. To Get People Talking About Me And My Company

1.16.4. Promote All Of Your Great Content

1.17. Start Paying Attention To How Many Impressions I'm Getting In The SERPs

1.17.1. So I Can See If All What I'm Doing Is Working

1.17.2. If It Isn't, Change My Keyword Targeting Strategy

1.18. Start Tracking My Click Through Rate From The SERPs

1.18.1. So I Know How Well My Pages Are Performing In The Serps

1.18.2. So I Can Get More Website Visitors Who Might Buy My Services

1.19. Take A Look At Your Numbers At Least Monthly And Start Tweaking Things To Get Higher Numbers

1.20. Make Sure My NAP Is Consistent Across The Web

2. Why Should You As A Busy Home Inspector Care About This?

2.1. You'll Make More Money

2.2. You'll Get More Home Inspections

2.2.1. You'll Have A Steady Flow Of Leads And Inspections Coming Into Your Business Each Day, Each Week, And Each Month

2.3. So You Can Do More Things You Love

2.3.1. You'll Have More Of A Life

2.3.2. You'll Have More Free Time

2.3.3. Success Comes With Some Amazing Benefits

2.3.4. Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy something like freedom It can buy you time in a way

2.4. You Could Spend Less Time Doing Other Kinds Of Marketing

2.4.1. But You Don't Have To! Search Engine Optimization/Marketing Is Just One Marketing Channel Of Many!

2.4.2. Once You're Ranked, You Could Stay Ranked For Quite A While

2.5. People think, "Well, This Company Is #1 In Google, I Guess They Must Be Good. I'll Choose Them."

2.5.1. You'll Be Seen As The Obvious Expert

2.5.2. People Will Automatically See You As An Authority In Your Market

2.6. People Will Want To Utilize And Leverage Your #1 Position For Their Own Interests (And That Will Often Be Very Profitable For You!)

2.6.1. You'll Naturally Attract Other Money Making Opportunities Because Of Your Position

2.6.2. You'll Have More Opportunities To Build Relationships With Influencers In Your Market You'll have leverage with them

2.6.3. They'll want to associate with you

2.7. If You *Don't* Do This, You're Missing Out On A Huge Opportunity To Get Leads And Inspections On Autopilot Once It's Finished

2.8. It's A Tremendous Challenge In Some Areas And It Feels Great To Overcome Big Challenges

2.9. It's A Fun Learning Experience

3. Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

3.1. I'm Ken Lenoir

3.2. I Manage DFYS For The Savvy Inspector

3.3. Make the numbers (KRAs) move in the right direction

3.4. Chattanooga home inspection

3.5. Louisville home inspector

3.6. Boise home inspector

3.7. Edmonton home inspector

3.8. Jacksonville home inspector

3.9. Sacramento home inspector

3.10. Longview texas home inspector

3.11. Seattle WA home inspector

3.12. Boston MA home inspector

3.13. Nashville TN home inspector

3.14. Charlotte NC home inspector

3.15. Buford GA home inspector

4. Implementation

4.1. Yourself

4.2. Your Employee

4.2.1. Have them listen to this recording, use the mindmap, and implement these things

4.3. DFYS

5. Things To Know Before We Get Started

5.1. Every single bit of this info is out there on the internet for free

5.1.1. But you'll have to wade through a LOT of info and do some trial and error in finding the right info at the right time in the right order

5.1.2. What we're doing here is the convenience factor and the experience factor

5.2. Everything you need to implement these things are just a quick Google search away

5.3. Ability to Google things and follow instructions (implement!) is one of the most critical business skills these days

5.3.1. Resourcefulness is a key quality for your employees who does this

5.4. All "how tos" for your employees will be linked, but I will show you my process for finding out how to find everything

5.5. The first thing you or your employee should do when operating new software like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or an SEO Tool is find the HELP SECTION

5.6. Google is just ONE channel.

5.6.1. There are DOZENS of other very viable channels that will help you reach your goals of more money, more inspections, and more free time to do what you love

6. Goal for this presentation

6.1. Give you the most important steps to getting ranked #1 in the Google local listings and in the Google organic results

6.1.1. So you can let your employees implement these strategies

6.1.2. I want you to just be able to hand this mindmap and presentation recording off to an employee and get GREAT results

6.1.3. So you focus on the most important steps and not get bogged down in minutia

6.1.4. So you can save time figuring out all this stuff by yourself

6.2. I'm going to go slow, explain everything as well as I can