Writing Performance Appraisal Reports (PARs)

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Writing Performance Appraisal Reports (PARs) by Mind Map: Writing Performance Appraisal Reports (PARs)

1. Rating

1.1. seniority

2. Expression

2.1. Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar

2.2. Concise

2.3. Strong, active verbs

2.4. Useful phrases

3. Evidence

3.1. Awards, honours, commendations

3.2. Assessment results

3.3. Feedback outside mbr's chain of command

3.3.1. ROAs

3.3.2. Emails

3.4. Platoon Commander's Notebook

4. Workplace Humor

5. Benchmarks

5.1. Manual of Army Employment

5.2. Annex B Chap 1 LWD 0-2 Leadership

5.3. Chief of Army's Priorities

5.4. Good Soldiering Documentation

6. Feedback

6.1. Discuss agreed goals with mbr

6.2. Give ongoing feedback to mbr

7. Purpose

7.1. Valuable performance feedback to soldiers

7.1.1. Attribute rating 2B Poor performance How improved? Consistent or one-off Below worn rank? Expected performance At worn rank Impressive performance Consistent or one-off? Above worn rank?

7.2. Advice to PAC on soldier's career potential and competitiveness for promotion

7.2.1. Part 2B comment boxes

7.2.2. Part 4