Forensic Science

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Forensic Science by Mind Map: Forensic Science

1. Question 2. What courses am I required to take?

1.1. After choosing a category of Forensic Science, find out which courses are required for that degree plan.

1.1.1. Speak to a career counselor to find out which courses I am required to take.

1.2. How long will it take to achieve my degree?

1.2.1. Depending on the category of Forensic Science I choose, will determine how long it will take me to complete my degree.

2. Question 3. Is there a possible Internship?

2.1. On the job training and firsthand experience is indispensable

2.1.1. The more experience I obtain, the better I will be in my career field.

2.2. Gaining hands-on experience can really help me decide if this career path is right for me.

2.2.1. Some educational programs have Internships built in, While earning my Bachelors Degree, speak to a career counselor about possibly doing an Internship.

3. Question 4. Will I be happy with this career choice?

3.1. Will this career choice open up more career options for me?

3.1.1. Will I be able to choose from a wide variety of locations?

3.2. Will I feel satisfied with my career choice?

3.2.1. Locate people who are already involved in the career field I want and speak to them first hand.

4. Question 1. What category of Forensic Science will I want to master in?

4.1. First, find out how many categories of Forensic Sciences there are.

4.1.1. Conduct research about the types of Forensic Sciences.

4.2. Determine which category suites me best.

4.2.1. Determine what skills I posses. that would help me in my career path.