5th Grade Mathematics

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5th Grade Mathematics by Mind Map: 5th Grade Mathematics

1. Numbers and Operations

1.1. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of fractions, decimals, and whole numbers

2. Data Analysis and Probablity

2.1. Reading and creating Graphs

2.2. Interpreting Data

2.3. Predicting and Listing Outcomes

3. Algebraic Concepts

3.1. Ratios and Proportions

3.2. Percents

3.3. Integers

3.4. Equations and Graphs

4. Geometry

4.1. Identifying lines, angles, and circles

4.2. Polygons

4.3. Symmetry and Transformations

5. Measurement

5.1. Linear Measurement

5.2. Area and Perimeter

5.3. Time and Temperature

5.4. Measuring Solids

5.5. Volume and Capacity

5.6. Weight and Mass