Chris Anderson Console War

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Chris Anderson Console War by Mind Map: Chris Anderson Console War

1. Playstation is the winner!

1.1. I Choose the PS3 not only because i grow up playing the first PS System sony made, but the graphics are out of this world also the PS3 is super quiet This is another big one, I can’t believe Sony got its power hungry console to be so quiet. A common problem with Xbox 360 is how loud it gets, sometimes it sounds like the damn thing is about to explode.

2. Wii

2.1. 3th Choice

2.2. Pro

2.2.1. play just about any sport in your own home

2.2.2. you can go online with wired and wireless connections

2.3. Con

2.3.1. there are not as many games as other concoles

2.3.2. graphics aren't as good as the competitions

2.4. Price

2.4.1. $150.00


3. Xbox

3.1. Second Choice

3.2. Pro

3.2.1. The Xbox 360 is cheaper than the PS3

3.2.2. It also comes with X-box live. Once you sign up for it, you can download games and music

3.3. Cons

3.3.1. The Xbox 360's power source is ugly and heavy

3.3.2. The Xbox console itself is loud when playing. This can be especially annoying if you are playing a DVD movie.

3.4. Price

3.4.1. $199.00


4. PlayStation3

4.1. First Choice

4.2. Pro

4.2.1. Touch-sensitive power and eject buttons

4.2.2. The power supply is integrated directly into the system

4.3. Con

4.3.1. The PSP will connect via Wi-Fi to the PS3’s hard drive

4.3.2. Doesn't have an output headphone jack

4.4. Price

4.4.1. $299.00


5. PC

5.1. 4th Choice

5.2. Pro

5.2.1. Not bound to simply gaming, and are overall more useful for everyday life

5.2.2. Allows for game modding, which makes old games funner if you get bored.

5.3. Con

5.3.1. Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

5.3.2. Games are constantly getting more advanced graphically, forcing you to buy expensive hardware to keep up. Or forces you to play with Low Graphics.

5.4. Price

5.5. $299.98


6. Portable

6.1. 5th Choice

6.1.1. New node

6.2. Pro

6.2.1. Rechargeable battery

6.2.2. Sleep mode to conserve power

6.3. Con

6.3.1. Rather bulky and large

6.3.2. Cannot play movies and music like the PSP

6.4. Price

6.4.1. $140.00