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Structuralism by Mind Map: Structuralism

1. Fundamental levels

1.1. Invisible

1.1.1. Structural system Wholeness unit Transfomation Dynamic Self-regulation Elements inside the system

1.2. Visible

1.2.1. Surface phenomena

2. Structural Linguistics

2.1. Saussure

2.1.1. Parole Individual utterances

2.1.2. Lalngue

2.2. Words

2.2.1. Signifier Sound image

2.2.2. Signified Concept

3. Approaches to Literature

3.1. Anthropology

3.1.1. Seeks structural similarities between Myths Celebrations Ceremonies

3.2. Semiotics

3.2.1. Sign Systems Index Implied Sign Icon Literal Sign Symbol Learned Sign

4. Narrative Dimention

4.1. Narratology

4.1.1. Greimas Plot Formulas Conflict - Resolution Struggle - Reconciliation Separation - Union Actants (character functions) Subject - Object Sender - Receiver Helper - Opponent Structures Contractual Performative Disjunctive

4.1.2. Genette Narrative Levels Story Narrative Narration Qualities Tense Mood Voice

4.1.3. Todorov Structural System Negation Comparison Modes Narrative - Language Relation Proposition Sequence

4.2. Literary Genres

4.2.1. Theory of Myths Representations Real World Ideal World Quests Conflict: Romance Catastrophe: Tragedy Triumph: Comedy Disorder - Confusion: Irony / Satire

4.2.2. Theory Of Modes Divine beings Myth Heroes Romance Leaders High Mimesis Common People Low Mimesis Anti-Heroes Irony

4.3. Literary Interpretation

4.3.1. Culler Convention of Sistance & Impersonality Naturalization Rule of Signifance Rule of Metaphorical Coherence Rulo of Thematic Unity